10 Card Games That You Must Play in 2022

10 Card Games That You Must Play in 2022

People have been playing various card games since ancient ages. The purpose was to have fun playing with friends and family. Playing card games involving monetary or other bets made it more engaging when played in groups. People can’t afford to gather for a card game in this present pandemic era when maintaining social distance is necessary. However, it is possible to enjoy online card games on the internet. For people who are anxious to play card games online and compare it with gambling, according to India Times, it is safer to play card games nowadays.

There are various card games available on the internet, which either you can play online or against your PC. This article shall discuss 10 card games you must play this year to kill your boredom and enjoy while maintaining all the safety norms.


If you search for a card game that is not only fun to play but also needs strategy and skill, then poker can be your game. You only need a stable internet connection to play online poker. If you are a beginner, you can learn this game by following the simple steps. Playing the forced bets by holding the small or big blind position can be the ultimate fun. It will surely create a different excitement when you place an amount of stake in the game.

Legends of Runeterra

The card battle games are the fastest growing genre among all other types nowadays, and Legends of Runeterra is among them. That is a famous collectible card game. That means you can play this game only using the cards collected by you during your earlier games played against AI or real opponents. The rules for dividing cards into regions and having a playable champion for Legends of Runeterra are quite similar to other collectible card games. Though, the effects, keywords, and card abilities stand apart for this game.


Rummy is a card game that has been played in India for ages, and now you can enjoy this game online as well. Removing the jokers and forming a group of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit to complete a pure sequence or including jokers to complete an impure sequence, playing online rummy can be super fun.

Slay the Spire

If you want to play an online card game full of uncertainties and sudden twists, you can opt for Slay the Spire. As you start your journey from the tower, you will face enemies as you move on. You need to win the battles against your enemies. You may find twists like the tower can be a different place altogether when you return. Things like this make this game a real fun to play.


The ultimate goal of this psychological horror card game is to build a rogue-like deck. You start the game in a cabin. You can gradually get accustomed to the rules of the game narrated by talking cards in a twisted manner. Unknown challengers are sitting on the other side of the table in this game. You need to build the deck using woodland creatures. You can opt for blood by sacrificing your weaker cards and using your strong cards against opponents in this game.

Call Break

This card game is quite popular in Asian countries. The name and a few rules vary depending on the country where the game is being played. If you want to play an easy card game that is pure fun to play, you can play Call Break online with your friends. Four of you can play this game together, collecting 13 cards each, with the spade card being the default trump card.


If you are a beginner in deck-building card games, Shadowverse will suit you like anything. The game is a perfect combination of similar game mechanics like Blizzard’s Hearthstone and distinct Japanese aesthetics of anime games. The game engages buffing and allows transforming minions. This game can be a great alternative for beginners in complex games like World of Warcraft.

Monster Train

That is also a deck-building game similar to Slay the Spire. You need to choose one primary clan and another secondary clan to form the deck from the five options available. Each of the five clans offers a different style of play and theme. The ultimate motto of the game is to save the frozen hell by supplying the last burning pyre to the ultimate depth of hell. That precious last pyre is stored on the third floor of the train. You need to fight and win against the soldiers from heaven on your way to the mission. 


If you want some true engagement of your brain while playing a card game, you can opt for playing Faeria. That is a strategy game altogether. A tactical mind will never feel bored playing this game as the game does not offer any obvious playing strategy or simple moves. Besides, the biggest twist of this game is that you need to build the game’s board yourself.

Eternal Card Game

The level of complexity of this game lies between Magic and Hearthstone. This game’s introduction of mana and instant cards makes mid-level play more generous and easier. The game’s aesthetic is quite similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone, making it one of the most popular free steam card games.

Throne Breaker: The Witcher Tales

Throne Breaker can satisfy your thirst if you wish to play a game similar to Gwent with more challenges and depth. The game is based on making apt strategies using the right cards to control a twin kingdom. You being Meve, the queen of Lyria and Rivia, need to fight against invading Nilfgaardian soldiers to resist them to conquer your twin kingdoms. The special characters, various effects, and condition-based battles make the game even more engaging and fun to play.


You can choose to play any of the above card games online or against your PC to add some excitement to your life during this post-pandemic era. That can help you come out of your boredom and perform better in your work life. However, if the involvement of strategy and wit in a card game attracts you, playing online poker can be your ideal cup of tea.

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