10 horror movies from the 90's to watch on Halloween

Surely you are preparing to enjoy Halloween In a few days, here are 10 horror movies that you probably enjoy, which have been among the most remembered in the decade of the 90's.

Many people take the entire month of October to put on Halloween-style performance throughout the month not just on October 31st, so there's a chance you'll have 30 movies on hand to honor this long-awaited date by millions.

However, here we will present you 10 of the films that have been most remembered throughout the decade of the nineties, you could even know them all because they are classics of terror, surely it will not be a surprise for you to find certain celebrities who marked your childhood with its interpretations.

Some of them have sequels, however we will include only one, although they have continuations.

The list that we will present to you does not have a specific order, however you can decide which of them occupies the first place for you, At the same time that you decide which of them to see first it will surely surprise you and some of them may have gone unnoticed and not the you remembered.


The silence of the inocents

Released in 1991 it is one of the most iconic horror films, starring Anthony Hopkins and actress Jodie Foster.

The Silence of the Innocents is considered one of the best films of all time, not for that reason it won 5 Oscars in the most important categories.

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A trilogy that began in 1996 later became one of the most feared films, not only because of the plot but because of the suit of the protagonist himself, which was probably one of the best sellers that year.



On September 13, 1996, supernatural was released. Strange things happened in the plot of the film in an old building where a young married couple lived. This film starred Susana Zavaleta.


The ring

Better known as "The Ring", the first film on which the American success was based was released in Japan, thanks to it we gave another meaning to VHS cassettes.

It was released in the year of 1998, its protagonist Yuko Takeuchi just lost his life a few weeks ago.



From the success of the writer Bram Stocker the director Francis Ford Coppola released on November 10, 1992 "Dracula" inspired by the book, starring:

  • Keanu Reeves
  • Winona Ryder
  • Gary Oldman
  • Anthony Hopkins

Although other remakes have been released, few have managed to surpass the 1992 film.


The blair witch project

This 1999 film released on October 14, completely changed the format of the films, giving rise to recordings in the "home documentary" style. After its success, other films such as Rec were released having the same format, it was a quite impressive project , which was even thought to be real.



Stephen King called the master of terror has the ability to freeze his readers with his impressive lines, the same happened with IT in 1990.

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Although the original format was a mini-series, many have seen it as a film that surely left more marks, they manage to exert fear when they see a clown.

A remake of the film was made in 2017, however there are those who claim that the first version cannot be beaten so easily.


The sixth Sense

Although for many "The Sixth Sense" is more inclined to suspense than terror, it is also considered a jewel in 90's cinema, it was released on October 29, 1999.



Again Stephen King managed to chill his readers with this masterpiece that in 1990 three years after the writer launched the book.



Despite the fact that Alien began with his saga in 1979 in the 90's, two more films were released in 1992 and 1997, so the entire saga could be included.


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