10 secrets of Kim Kardashian that you probably did not know yet

As incredible and perhaps impossible as it may seem, the businesswoman and socialite Kim Kardashian still has more than 10 secrets that perhaps no one knows, but here we will mention a few that may surprise you.

And it is that oddly enough, the celebrity and wife of Kanye West still kept some secrets in her long sleeves, including fears, details, customs and secrets about her life that no one had yet revealed and that now she has wanted to tell.

However, that's how she is, simple and at the same time open, but this time she has decided to go through the digital confessional to be honest.

You are probably wondering what she could make known more, because practically her life is completely known, but it turns out that Kim still has things to share, secrets and curiosities that she has published on her website, because she has decided to be among friends. there can be no secrets.

Being Kim Kardashian is a really difficult job and to remain one of the most influential trendsetters both in the fashion industry and in the world of beauty products and treatments, the businesswoman always seeks to be one step ahead.


The smartest of the clan?

She and Kourtney went to the same Spanish class in high school, she says, as she was very smart so she was a year advanced.

Of course I confess that it was a joke, the reality is that she had to repeat a Spanish course and the best thing is that they did it together.

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His most secret tick

A lot of people tend to blink out of nowhere, but Kim revealed that he crunches his fingers every morning, a sound that is probably a bit annoying to many people, but is something he always does.


Aesthetic arrangement in polka dots

Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities who surely has more aesthetic arrangements and as impressive as it may seem, she made a dark mole that she had on her forehead disappear.

And it was not just once but three times that I took it off and now it's the color of her skin, which is why people think it's a pimple.


Has a dental appliance

Listening to Kardashian is synonymous with perfection both in body, face and of course smile, so one of the arrangements that has been made is on her and she has confessed that she has a permanent retention in her teeth that cannot be seen.


Has 6 piercings

Although it may not seem like it, the socialite has six piercings all over her body, one in the navel, one in the right ear, three in the left lobe and one on the top of the left ear.


Sleep with eyes half open

Something that is probably the strangest thing in Kim's life, since it is something that is a little scary to people, sleeping and having a little open eyes.


Fear of heights

Kim Kardashian confessed that when she was only 20 years old, she had jumped out of a plane, however, now she is afraid of heights.


Warm rooms

She loves hot rooms and hates when the air conditioning is on and when she found out that she and Kanye were made for each other that's when she fell asleep with the heat on.


No to cold coffee

This is clearly something weird and no one expected, since apparently Kim has never had a cold coffee drink at Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

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