10 Tips On How To Be A Responsible Dog Parent For First-Timers

10 Tips On How To Be A Responsible Dog Parent For First-Timers

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend; to some, they are not just mere pets. Dogs are good companions, and a single wag of their tail and their playful grin will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. They are a significant family member, and forming a symbiotic relationship with dogs is a great way to induce all the happy hormones in our brain. No matter what, they will remain loyal and affectionate.

As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to take proper good care of your pet. There are many things to consider before fully committing to owning a dog. Adopting a pet is not just some short-term thing; you should be fully ready to handle everything that a dog needs in its whole life span. This involves aspects like appropriate shelter, regular vet checkups, the best dog health insurance you can afford, constant exercise, a healthy diet, grooming, love, and attention, among others. Therefore, being first-time dog owners, it can be pretty tricky to ponder the right necessities and essentials.

With that, we have curated a list of tips a first-time dog parent should consider. If you want to provide your dog with quality care, then read on:

  • Schedule Regular Check-Ups

Dogs need to get their regular check-ups at least once a year. It should be an annual maintenance routine for your dogs. It is crucial to track your dog’s development and check in with your veterinarian. It will be beneficial because you may prevent your dog from acquiring any disease and know which vaccines are needed to boost your dog’s immune system.

  • Get Them Into a Suitable Diet Plan

Their nutrition is also one of the few things that should be noted when taking care of a dog. It is significant for dogs to have a balanced diet and consume vegetables and meat. 

Feeding them high quality puppy food is also the key to ensuring that they get the correct dose of necessary vitamins. Overall, it is crucial to provide them with food to meet their specific needs. 

  • Exercise Daily

With good nutrition,  exercise will maintain their healthy physique. It can also help alleviate behavioural problems such as intolerable licking, barking, chewing, etc. Obesity is one of the many problems dogs can encounter, so avoid it, and you can exercise with your dog or walk them now and then. You can also opt to take them to the vet to know their ideal weight. 

  • Have Them Socialise With Other Animals

It is recommended that dog owners let their pets socialise with other animals because it teaches them independence and prevents them from fearing everything they see. It is great to expose them to the world to teach them how to react and unlearn stressful behaviours. If your dog has no problem socialising, then you don’t need to worry about them snapping at someone out of nowhere.

  • Pet-Proof Your Home

Your dogs are practically part of the family, so it’s only fitting to remove the hazards present in your home. We know that plants bring a somewhat aesthetic appeal to the interior of your home, but some plants are poisonous to our doggy friends, so you have to steer clear of them.

Some types of food are only okay for our kind to eat, but food such as chocolate contains xylitol that is poisonous to dogs and may cause numerous dangers to them.

  • Consistently Train and Teach Them Commands and Tricks

Teaching your dogs simple tricks will do wonders to the relationship and communication you have with your pet. You can start doing that when they’re still young so it can be reinforced in their minds. You can begin by potty training them and teaching them how to sit and the like. 

  • Frequent Grooming

Visiting the grooming salon is also one of the necessities needed for your dog’s maintenance. It will keep your dog’s hair strong and healthy and will prevent their hair from being clumped up and damaged. 

  • Let Them Wear a Collar With Your Contact Information

As their guardian, it is also essential to identify your pets. Should your pets run off or be lost, your contact information on their tags will bring them home in no time.

  • Do Some Research About Their Breed

Different breeds of dogs require different types of care. Doing some research about your dog’s breed will also make you understand more about their behaviour. 

  • Shower Them With Love

Lastly, the most important thing about being a dog parent is showering them with unconditional love. Adopting a pet will feel rewarding because the love you give to these gentle little monsters will ricochet back ten times more.


The list can go on forever because adopting a dog is as crucial as taking care of a newborn baby. You will not only be bringing these animals a chance to have their forever homes, but you also have the luxury to get a new best friend!

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