11 Selena Quintanilla outfits that went down in fashion history

In the 90's, if fashion was talked about quickly, the name of Selena quintanilla, the queen of tex-mex and of course of fashion, a beautiful singer who became a legend who managed to win millions of fans around the world.

There is no doubt that Selena Quintanilla forever changed Latin music, as she popularized cumbia and tex-mex in the United States.

Thanks to this, he managed to become one of the most loved and admired celebrities, even more than 20 years after his unfortunate departure.

However, beyond her musical legacy, the queen of Tex-Mex is currently remembered for another of her contributions to pop culture: her great style of clothing.

And it is that every time he appeared on stage, Selena dazzled his millions of followers with his movements and outfits, which became a classic in the history of the fashion.

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Next we will talk about some of them:


The most famous bustier

As you may recall, Selena was a huge fan of bustiers and used them whenever she could.

Commonly they used to be black and adorned with studs or fringes, however, there is one that is the most remembered, the one that each glass has a different design.

Also, true to her incredible style, she paired it with black leggings and a wide buckle belt.

The final touch was given by the purple jacket and boots, with which she filled the outfit with color.

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A set worthy of the mambo

The beautiful singer made everyone dance to her songs, however, with that set she injected a little more rhythm to her music.

It is worth mentioning that it is not the classic mambo suit, since the queen of Tex-Mex gave it her own style by making it completely black and adding applications that simulate a star.


Classic and simple

And it is that although Selena wore large and sparkling pieces, she also gave us a basic lesson in fashion, that sometimes you have to dress in a simple way.

In fact, in one presentation, she only wore a white shirt and mom jeans, and the truth is that she still looked fantastic and fashionable.


A completely white outfit

Another of his most classic outfits was that of a white pants and bustier, which were accompanied by boots of the same color that he used in his concert in 1994 at the Houston Astrodome.

This was undoubtedly a very different option from the rest of his closet that was, for the most part, black, which in the same way went down in history because he looked very good in it.


Leather jacket and large ruffles

That's right, the cover of her album "Forbidden Love" was one of the outfits that marked Selena's career and with which of course she made it clear to us that she was not afraid to make fashion decisions that could be interpreted as too flashy .

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