The Love In Your Eyes Episode 105 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer Release and Everything You Need to Know

Hello from the world of K-dramas, The Love In Your Eyes! The romance drama series “The Love In Your Eyes” centers on Ji Hyeon, a female college student, and it chronicles her search for true love.

The show explores the challenges of love and life in South Korea as it follows Ji Hyeon, her mother, and her friends.

In this episode of season one, episode 105, we see the introduction of a new couple, Jun & Yoji, and the struggles they must endure to be together.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 105 Release Date:

We watch Ji Hyeon struggle to strike a balance between her feelings and her family’s expectations. We will explore the complexity of love, friendships, and family ties in South Africa in this episode.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 105 will air on the scheduled date. When the popular romance drama series will resume airing has been anxiously awaited by fans of the programmer. On February 27, 2023, The Love In Your Eyes episode 105 will air.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 105 Storyline:

The plot of the Korean drama has progressed to an exciting stage where a lot of brand-new details are revealed. Viewers watch the show avidly because they are anxious to find out what will happen next. Let me recap the last episode in case you miss the most recent one.

Young Yi’s spouse passed away when she was a young woman, yet despite this, she makes every effort to keep her husband’s family together and devotes a lot of time to care for their infant.

Rather than work part time at a supermarket, she prefers a full-time position at the company’s headquarters.

Kyung Jun is the oldest grandson of TS Stores, and Young Yi has confidence in him. Young Yi received a new eye five years ago thanks to a cornea from his late wife.

He was given new eyes and a new chance at life as a result of the surgery. How will things turn out for Younger Yi and Kyung Ju, her new love, whose eyes her late husband gave her?

Viewers eagerly anticipate episode 105 of The Love In Your Eyes. Fans eagerly await spoiler-free episode information. Throughout the series, a young couple struggles with first love. Because the characters and scenario are appealing to viewers, episode 105 is engaging.

According to viewers, this episode will maintain the show’s candid portrayal of love. Fans will be as enthralled as they were in earlier episodes when revelations are made.

Enjoying the snow at the park are Young Yi, Kyung Joon, and Mi Ri Name. The three then eat rayon while Young Yi expresses his desire for these happy times to last forever.

To find out if Sim Won Sub attempted to kill Young Yi, Jung He contacts Sim Won Sub. He orders her to stop talking since he doesn’t want to become involved.

Kyung Joon shows up right away. He informs Yoon Haaaaaaa that Young Yi has informed the police regarding him and demands that she inform him of any further romantic involvement. Yoon He is irritated at these inquiries. She is cautioned by Kyung Joon not to let Sin Won to leave since he won’t.

Yoon He questions him about why he is telling her all of this when she is not involved and presents as if she is unaware of it. She finds it surprising that Kyung Joon keeps offering to teach her gently if she doesn’t. Kyung Joon walks into Se Joon’s room and inquires about any possible secrets. Se Joon asserts that he is babbling.

Almost six years ago, Kyung Joon shouts and inquires about Young Yi’s late wife. He wonders if he murdered Young Yi’s wife and urges him to tell him everything.

Se Joon sobs and accuses Kyung Joon of causing her husband’s passing. He expresses regret to Hype Joon for the mishap. Kyung Joon is shocked by this.

He sobs and turns away after asking Se Joon if he murdered Young Yi’s wife. He leaves Se Joon in tears while laughing wildly.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 105 Trailer:

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 105 is highly awaited by everyone! There isn’t a trailer online yet for The Love In Your Eyes season 1 episode 105, which will air soon.


Fans are eagerly anticipating this episode, which will show on Rakuten Viki this Friday. Viewers can now watch the season 1 trailer down below.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 105 Cast:

Sung Hyun Beak Lee Young Yi Choi Yoon Ra Jang Kyung Joon Bae Nook Ri Ji Jung Soo Hwan Kim the chairman of Jang Se Joon Lee Ho Ja Sun So Bok Jang Huon Jung Hype Chula Ho He Park Park Soon Chun Oh Eon Sook Kim Chang Il

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