24 years ago: Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastián in Tú y yo

He singer Joan Sebastian had the opportunity to be married to Maribel Guardia, at the time they were in a soap opera "You and I" 24 years ago, would you like to know how the couple looked?

It was between 1996 and 1997 in the years it was set, it starred Maribel guard and Joan Sebastian, who in real life were married and had a son named Julian Figueroa.

The story is about love, not only of the protagonists but the love of the family, and that of other characters in the series are also included. soap opera, at that time Maribel guard I was 37 years old and Joan Sebastian 45 respectively.

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The characters came from "different worlds", although both had money, they were from different social classes because as for Tomás Santillana, the character of the interpreter of "Beyond the sun" came from a humble family, from the country and although he was a famous composer of grupera music (as in real life) preferred the ranch to the city.

Unlike Estela Díaz, played by Maribel Guardia, she was a famous architect from Mexico City who was born in a golden cradle, thanks to her education she was a fine, cultured and prepared woman, as well as extremely beautiful.

Contrary to Thomas, who would be her husband with the passage of the chapters, he was a poorly prepared man, very simple and with a strong but honorable and respectable temperament.

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"You and me" was also the main theme of the mexican soap opera It had 147 episodes, when it began it had primetime, however over the months it began to change due to certain adjustments, but it was always in very good hours, which is why it became one of the public's favorite telenovelas.

Tu y yo gave the opportunity to several artists to appear in the project, some of them today are great personalities of the show, thanks to their appearance in "Tú y yo" the doors were opened for new and interesting projects.

Among some of the names on the insurance list, you will be surprised to see:

  • Galilea Montijo
  • Arath of the Tower
  • Marlene favela
  • Itatí Cantoral
  • Arlet Teran
  • Anahi
  • Cecilia Romo
  • Jose Joel
  • Bobby Larios

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Something interesting about the telenovela is that the end was very similar to the end of the marriage in real life, in the video of the intro with the theme interpreted by Joan Sebastian and Maribel Guardia, one of the users shared what for a lot until recently it was an open secret.

The end is not incomplete. She was left with the character of Adame and he was left alone. She did not forgive the infidelity and fell in love with the other. What happens is that in real life they were married and in real life he was unfaithful to the same one he was unfaithful to in the novel and they separated. It was difficult for the novel to leave them together after that, "wrote Peter Black.

The marriage in real life between the protagonists lasted only four years from 1992 to 1996, the first year of the telenovela, remember that its first chapter was broadcast on September 4, 1996 and ended on March 21, 1997.

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Inadvertently he related how the couple had ended up at that time, at that time they were both singers of the grupero genre, the interpreter of "I like you" could not help being unfaithful to the beautiful television host and singer because it is said that he was known For being "a joyous eye" (a term used in Mexico to define a very flirtatious person) throughout his life he had several love affairs, however he only had two wives, one of them was Maribel Guardia.

Joan was also known as El Rey del Jaripeo, El Poeta de Juliantla and El Huracán del Sur, unfortunately in 2015 he lost his life, who was one of the greatest representatives of the regional genre in addition to being an excellent author, to date his songs are heard in all Mexican homes, it could even be said that there is not a single Mexican who does not know a song by him.

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