Kabul, Agency. On Sunday, three people were shot dead in Kabul. The dead also included a member of the Eastern Provincial Council, which pointed to an increased risk of violence despite US efforts for peaceful negotiations with the rebel Taliban. The strings of this murder are seen by connecting it.

Kabul Police spokesman Ferdos Faramraj said Logar Provincial Council member Nasser Ghirat and his two bodyguards were killed and another was injured. However, no group has claimed responsibility for this murder. Meanwhile, at least 32 civilians were killed and around 180 others were injured after two gunmen opened fire on the death anniversary of a Shia leader Abdul Ali Mazari on Friday. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State.

Rashtrapati Bhavan spokesperson Sedik Sedikki said in a tweet that President Ashraf Ghani appointed a delegation for an investigation into what he described as a terrorist attack at a ceremony in Kabul on Sunday. In recent years, growing murders and violent crimes in Afghanistan have become a growing problem of people struggling with the country's financial crisis. Noor Ahmed, 37, a taxi driver in Kabul, told Reuters that Kabul has become a city with no law and order. He said that any person can do what they want to do and it is very scary.

COVID-19: Vaccine trial begins in Australia, all scientists gathered "src =" https://www.1.com/images/newimg/02042020/02_04_2020-melbourne_vaccine_covid19_20158749_121926444_s.jpg

COVID-19: Vaccine trial started in Australia, all scientists engaged

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