365 Days 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

365 Days 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

With the release of The Next 365 Days, Netflix’s contentious 365 Days trilogy is over. This has led some audiences to wonder if there will ever be a 365 Days 4. Critics didn’t like the 365 Days movies, but people all over the world loved them. The 365 Days saga was a sequence of erotic thrillers about Laura, who was taken by mafia boss Massimo and held as a hostage.

Even though the title period was the year Massimo tried to give Laura to be in love with him, the story in the 365 Days movies wasn’t just about that. In the sequel, 365 Days: This Day, there was Massimo’s evil twin brother, a rival mafia boss who was dressed as a gardener and Laura’s second love interest, and all sorts of other crazy plot twists. So, some people were surprised whenever The Next 365 Days ended the series in a surprisingly quiet way.

The ending of The Next 365 Days was different from the endings of 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day in that it didn’t have any shocking twists or silly high drama. The Next 365 Days, on the other hand, was a much calmer movie. Most of it was about Laura’s struggle to decide whether to stay with Massimo or go back to her new love interest, the rival mafia member/fake gardener Nacho. In the end, it seems like Laura chooses Massimo, but the ending isn’t clear, so it leaves a significant amount of room for more stories. Because of this, it is still possible that Netflix will order 365 Days 4.

Netflix hasn’t said anything about 365 Days 4, but as The Next 365 Days was another success for the service, another movie may be made. In its first four days on Netflix, the threequel was watched 39.31 million hours. Fans will not be able to quit speculating about Laura as well as Massimo’s relationship since The Next 365 Days ended with a vague ending.

The movies were based on Blanka Lipiska’s books, and she hasn’t written a fourth book yet. But since the movies have changed a lot from the series of novels, there’s still a chance that there will be a fourth one. Since about August 24, there has been no confirmation of 365 Days 4, but don’t give up hope just yet. So, here’s everything you should know about a possible fourth 365 Days movie.

Even though Netflix hasn’t said anything about 365 Days 4, users can’t count out Laura and Massimo because of how “The Next 365 Days” ended. Blanka Lipiska’s books were turned into a trilogy of movies. The first movie was a faithful adaptation of the book, but the second movie broke away from the storyline to tell its own story. The third movie was made in the same way, but it tells another story than the book it was based on. It all came to an end that was different from what was written in the book.

365 Days 4 Release Date

If Netflix made a fourth season of 365 Days, it would probably take some time for the streaming platform to get to it. After all, the last two films in the series were shot right after each other and came out close together because of this. Even though 365 Days 4 will indeed bring back the original cast, it wouldn’t come out until 7 February 2024, 4 years after the initial movie.

365 Days 4 Cast

If there was a fourth 365 Days movie, Anna-Maria Sieklucka, and Michele Morrone as Laura and Massimo would be back. Nacho, played by Simone Susanna, has become a third lead in the show, so he would be back, especially since he could play a bigger role in Laura’s future depending on the choices he makes.

Magdalena Lamparska will probably be back as Laura’s best friend Olga, and Otar Saralidze should be back as Olga’s fiance Domenico and Massimo’s right-hand man, even though he didn’t have much to do in the third movie. Klara and Tomasz, Laura’s parents, could also make cameos as they did in the third movie, where they were played by Ewa Kasprzyk and Dariusz Jakubowski.

365 Days 4 Trailer

365 Days 4 Plot

If you want a complete summary of what happens in The Next 365 Days, you can find it all here. We’ll just focus on the ending as if there were a fourth movie. That’s where the story will pick up again. Laura meets up with Massimo just on the beach after Nacho says he’ll wait for her. Since he knows about her beach bonk with Nacho, she probably thinks he’ll be mad, but he’s pretty chill.

He talks about what he’s done “She was “devastated” by the fact that she really can not talk to him regarding the team losing their baby. She brings up a passage from the book his dad read to him when a child: “If you genuinely love stuff, just let it go. If it returns, it will always be yours. If that doesn’t, it wasn’t supposed to.” Laura tells him, “One day, you’ll be a great dad, too.” As she looks at john, Massimo asks, “Are users back, baby girl?”

Since that is the last line of a movie, we do not receive an answer, so if there is a fourth one, it will have to start picking up on this. The fourth movie might start with Laura already choosing between Massimo and Nacho before more drama happens in their relationship. No one from the crew or cast has talked about how the third movie will end yet, so it’s up to you to figure out who she chose.

The fourth movie may also be about Olga and Domenico’s wedding since the third movie didn’t show much of their relationship. A wedding is a great place to let out any feelings, so it could be a great place for more drama. Because The Next 365 Days changed the conclusion of the source trilogy in a big way, 365 Days 4 could follow Laura and Massimo as they continue their adventures.

In the books, Laura wound up with Nacho after just a bad breakup with Massimo which involves another attempt to take her away and the death of her pet dog. Within the next 365 Days, on the other hand, things aren’t nearly as bad, and Laura decides to stay with Massimo after weighing her options.

The shootouts at the end of 365 Days: This Day is replaced by a nice conversation on the beach. This means that, despite the lack of a fourth 365 Days book to adjust, 365 Days 4 could resurrect the drama and action that were cut from The Next 365 Days. By bringing back the part of the story where Massimo retains Laura captive as well as she escapes to Nacho (and maybe switching the roles of two romantic interests), 365 Days 4 could reintroduce the tone of the first movie.

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