5 Best Apps for Document Editing

5 Best Apps for Document Editing

When it comes to applications for document viewing, the available options are quite diverse. You will come across hundreds and thousands of options. However, things take a turn for the complicated when you are looking for document editors because most of the apps available on the Play Store are either paid or the options are quite limited.

However, the choices aren’t completely zero, which is a reason why we have managed to sort out some of the best office document editor options for you to look into.

  1. Office Document Reader – An All-In-One Reader

So, you need to edit a document immediately and send it back to work but you don’t have your laptop lying around at that moment. The Office Document Reader – An All-In-One Reader is hands down the best app to download for those instances. This office reader application is one of the most office document editor apps as well that you can get into.

It enables you to create new documents and even edit the existing ones that you likely downloaded, making the process a lot easier and streamlined. The application also comes with a range of other allied features that you can make the most use out of.

  1. Microsoft Word 

Yeah, you heard it right. The application that you can use on your laptop and desktop is also viable on your smartphone. So, if you have a document that needs immediate editing, this application is going to take care of that for you. The only limitation is that it’s only viable for the Doc format.

As for the available edit options, they are diverse, which means that you won’t be stuck trying to make do with the limited options available. You can cut, copy, paste and edit documents with flair on the go.

  1. SmartOffice

For the users who are particularly on the lookout for an easy-to-use document viewer and editor, the SmartOffice is the perfect choice in that case. The app is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra. Not only can you edit a downloaded document, but you can also use it for creating new documents by using the ready-made templates.

Also, this app allows you to print documents wirelessly without any complications. All you need to do is connect it to a smartphone and the printer will do the rest.

  1. PDF Editor – Sign PDF, Create PDF & Edit PDF

When it comes to documents, PDF is hands down one of the most convenient file formats that you can indulge in. The PDF Editor helps you handle these files without unnecessary complications. This app is ideally used by corporates who need to stay connected to their work and get things done on the go.

Not only can you cut and edit and paste, but it also enables you to change the fonts, and even the color of the text, if needed. You can add photos and other media into the document and create your edited version in no time.

  1. WPS Office + PDF

Last on the list is one of the most popular document editors for your smartphone. This app is so well-known that you don’t need any kind of excess introduction to it. Not only does it support different file formats, but the app is also compatible with editing your document according to your needs.

You get access to all the editing tools, including the cut, copy, paste, font changes, and other kinds of options around.


Keeping a good-quality document editor on your phone can be a gamechanger, especially when you are dealing with different kinds of file formats. The above options are highly compatible and user-friendly, so you wouldn’t have any issues getting started with them.

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