5 curiosities about the film with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman

This evening Australia is back on TV, the 2008 colossal directed by Baz Luhrmann, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Let's find out some curiosities about this film together.

  • To best prepare for his role, Nicole Kidman took a tour of Australia with his family. For the actress, this film was the best experience of her life.
  • The male lead was supposed to be played by Russell Crowe but, the actor decided to turn down the part of Drover when Paramount for budget reasons asked him to cut his salary. It was then taken into consideration Heath Ledger, who refused to make The Dark Knight.
  • Several finals were shot for the end of Australia. One even predicted the death of Hugh Jackman but, after a screentest, was discarded as it would hardly be liked by the public.
  • A budget of 100 million euros, then exceeded by over 50 million euros. Buz Lurhman was not convinced of numerous scenes and for this reason he turned them over several times. In addition to making things even more complex there was also bad weather.
  • The temperatures in the first months of shooting were terribly unbearable. The first scenes were shot in Kununurra, in the western part of Australia, where it also reaches 42 degrees by day.

Incidentally, Nicoke Kidman saved Hugh Jackman while filming Australia.

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