5 new horror movies not to miss if you are a subscriber!

We continue to resume indeed our timely advice for viewing in streaming returning to Netflix and to the genre of horror, which on this gray Sunday in May could well adapt to the mood of a not completely colored weekend to be spent perhaps in company on the sofa, in front of a good movie.

The first title that we propose is the new The disturbing house by Daniel Prochaska, a pleasant and smooth Austrian horror comedy dedicated above all to the youngest. Remember a little Gil Kenan’s Monster House, despite this being live-action and the 2006 film instead animated.

We then move on to Brightburn produced by James Wan, a cynical, violent and ruthless rereading of the story of Superman with a boy who, instead of using his powers to do good, chooses the opposite way, in a decidedly considerable triumph of blood. Directed by two Gunn brothers, which, however, have nothing to do with the two much more famous Gunns, giving rise to a nice case of homonymy.

Then there is Resident Evil: Vendetta, fourth film in the CGI saga based on the videogame franchise and with protagonists Chris Redfield e Leon Scott Kennedy. Finally, we end with Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Living Dead, waiting for his Army of the Dead coming next May 21, and with The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield House, also looking forward to The Conjuring: By order of the devil due out in June.

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