6 Reasons why we will Miss Cedric Benson

6 Reasons why we will Miss Cedric Benson:

Former No. 4 pick Cedric Benson of the Chicago Bears passed away at 36. The initial report from NFL reporter Dov Kleiman confirmed Benson’s death written by Brother Dominic through Facebook.

Cedric Benson
Cedric Benson

According to the news release, Cedric Benson died in Austin, Texas, of a motorcycle accident. Fans Cedric Benson is already missing him for many reasons. Here we have some of the reasons why we all will miss him.

1.     Benson Worked With Many Nonprofit Organizations

After retiring from his beloved sports, Benson was active in his Nurturing Underprivileged Families Cultivating Educational Development nonprofit charity organization.

With NUFCED, he lends a hand to many deprived families to improve and cultivate kids through various school programs across the State of Texas. The organization mentored the disadvantaged kids to show them a better way to connect in the community through education programs.

Furthermore, his nonprofit organization also ran football camps led by the league running back.

2.      Cedric Benson Was an Honest Man

According to the Austin American-Statesman Ryan Autullo, Benson was charged two days before his death with misconduct for obstruction of the passageway.

The prosecutors from Travis County dismissed the initial claim of drunken driving charges dating back to February 2017. Judge Kim Williams of the County Court-at-Law accepted the lawyers’ plea agreement and found the running back guilty. She sentenced him to two days jail time ordering him to pay a fine of $200.

Benson previously faced two DWI cases dismissed in 2008, as there was not enough evidence against him. However, he did recently plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge after his DUI arrest. While he had loads of brushes with the law, he came out tops in the end.

3.     He was a leading rusher in football history

Cedric Benson was a 9th-leading rusher with 5,540 yards in college football history. Benson rushed for more than a thousand yards in all four seasons he played for Texas Longhorn and scored 64 rushing touchdowns.

Football fans knew him for playing with the Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, and Green Bay Packers after completing his college degree. Furthermore, he surpassed 1,000 rushing yards with the Bengals during three of his four seasons playing for the team.

4.     Cedric Benson Gave the Game Everything He Had

Everyone will miss the way Benson played with grit and tenacity while still having a mischievous look in his eye. Benson always gave the game his best. Furthermore, his touchdowns are a definite miss.

5.     He was a special person

Cedric Benson might have been a good and robust football player, but everyone remembers him as a bright and unique person when talking to him. Furthermore, many people are fortunate to have had him as part of their lives.

6.     Benson was not perfect

While he had loads of run-ins with different law departments and not perfect, but once he became your friend, you would see a sensitive and loyal man.

RIP Cedric Benson you are missed!

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