6 Scientifically Proven Essential Oil Blends For Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps, which can vary in severity, are a painful and unwelcome experience that many women are all too familiar with. The discomfort of cramps primarily occurs during the first few days of menstruation, and typically results from contractions of the uterus caused by the release of particular hormones (prostaglandins).

The traditional method for relieving cramps has been over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or/and heating pads. However, there are other alternatives to easing menstrual pain as well.

Essential oils – natural concentrated aromatic compounds found in plants – have been used for centuries to promote both physical and emotional wellness. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that essential oil blends can help alleviate the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

In this article, we’ll cover 6 scientifically proven essential oil blends for menstrual cramps relief – each blend carefully curated for its highly beneficial effects on your body’s discomfort and tension levels associated with menstruation pains.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the natural, concentrated extracts of plants and trees. They can be used in numerous ways, including aromatically, topically, and internally, in order to promote physical and emotional health. Not all essential oils are created equal; some have medicinal properties that can be utilized to treat a variety of ailments.

Essential oils are derived from various parts of plants and their naturally occurring compounds – primarily terpenes – give them a distinct aroma and therapeutic effects when applied or inhaled. Some of these compounds are proven to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

When used properly and alongside other treatments such as heat therapy or ingesting anti-inflammatory foods, essential oils may abolish or significantly reduce symptoms associated with menstrual cramps for some women.

Benefits of Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps

Essential oils are volatile liquids derived from plant sources such as flowers, herbs, and trees, and they have been used for centuries to treat a wide range of medical issues. Recent medical research has shown that certain essential oil blends can be very effective in managing the pain of menstrual cramps.

Essential oils contain natural compounds known as terpenes, which have anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds have been shown to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps when inhaled or applied topically on the abdomen about 15 minutes before pain would usually start.

The use of essential oils for menstrual cramps also serves other benefits beyond providing relief from the discomfort associated with menstruation. Those who use essential oils have reported calmer moods throughout their cycles.

The essential oils may help regulate hormones in the body and reduce bloating and other symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Individual scents produced by these blends can be comforting or calming when used during meditation or yoga practice.

Aside from managing discomforts associated with menses, some combinations of essential oils offer additional health benefits such as improved circulation, enhanced immunity, increased energy levels, smoother digestion, and improved skin tone.

Essential oil blends are versatile and convenient to use since different combinations can address a variety of discomforts throughout your cycle. To ensure maximum benefit, it is important to use high-quality therapeutic-grade essential oils that are 100% natural and free from chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Essential Oil Blends for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps can be a common and painful part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to over-the-counter products and prescribed medications. Essential oils offer a drug-free alternative to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.

Let’s take a look at 6 scientifically proven essential oil blends to help reduce discomfort from menstrual cramps.

Lavender, Clary Sage, and Marjoram

This blend is composed of three popular essential oils that can ease the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps: lavender, clary sage, and marjoram. Though each of these oils has unique medicinal properties when blended together creating an even more powerful effect.

Lavender is calming, helps reduce stress, and provides relief to the digestive system; Marjoram is an analgesic that alleviates muscle spasms and helps relax the body; Clary Sage has antispasmodic properties which help ease abdominal cramping. This blend also shows promise in helping improve sleep quality.

The suggested dilution ratios for this blend are 8 drops of Lavender, 5 drops of Clary Sage, and 2 drops of Marjoram in 1 oz (30 ml) carrier oil. Use your fingertips to massage 3–4 tablespoons into your abdomen or back depending on where the worse pain is located a few minutes before your period starts and throughout if needed until symptoms improve.

Geranium, Peppermint, and Fennel

Geranium, peppermint, and fennel essential oils are frequently used together to help alleviate menstrual pain. Geranium has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce cramping during the menstrual cycle and is also believed to provide a calming effect on the body.

Peppermint can also produce a calming sensation, which is thought to ease discomfort during menstruation, in addition to providing pain relief. Fennel oil has traditionally been used as a digestive aid, but its warming and anti-spasmodic properties make it beneficial for relieving menstrual cramps as well.

According to researchers in The Journal of Complementary Medicine & Therapies, combining geranium with peppermint may be an effective way to reduce pain caused by menstrual cramps.

When using geranium, peppermint, and fennel essential oils together for menstrual relief, follow these steps:
-Mix 5 drops of each oil in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (such as coconut or almond).
-Massage this blend onto your abdomen in a clockwise motion starting at 12 o’clock until you reach 6 o’clock.
-Take deep breaths while massaging the blend into your skin.
-Do this two times daily throughout your cycle for relief from cramping.

Rose, Clary Sage, and Roman Chamomile

Rose, clary sage and Roman chamomile are three essential oils that have been found to be especially effective in helping with menstrual cramps and other PMS-related symptoms.

Rose essential oil has the ability to balance hormones, reduce inflammation and help with regulating the immune system. Clary sage has been found to reduce anxiety, calm the nerves, and offer relief from nervous tension. Lastly, Roman chamomile helps to relax the muscles which can help with cramping as well as soothe away menstrual pain.

A few drops of each oil in a carrier oil such as jojoba or avocado can provide relief for minor menstrual cramps and headaches associated with PMS. Diluting ingredients ensures safety when applied directly to the skin near sensitive tissues like genitals or breasts. For aromatherapy benefits, place a few drops of each oil into your diffuser of choice; combine at a 1:1 ratio for best results. Be sure to add a fraction more Roman chamomile if you’re suffering from insomnia or chronic pain in addition to your period cramps.

Cypress, Bergamot, and Ginger

Using essential oils to ease menstrual cramps is a popular natural remedy that has been gaining popularity recently. The following blend of essential oils contains Cypress, Bergamot, and Ginger. Combined, these three essential oils are thought to have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that help provide relief from monthly menstrual cramps.

Cypress Oil: Cypress oil is extracted from the evergreen trees native to the Mediterranean region and contains medical healing properties including anti-inflammatories that can reduce muscle pain and spasms.

Bergamot Oil: Bergamot oil comes from the citrus fruit bergamot of the Rutaceae family. It has mild antispasmodic properties and helps reduce physical tension associated with menstrual cramps.

Ginger Oil: Ginger oil is derived from ginger root and has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for treating such conditions as nausea, stomach ache, cramps, inflammation, headaches, and indigestion. It is believed to offer relief from abdominal pain caused by ovarian cysts or endometriosis during the menstruation cycle.

When used together in one blend these three essential oils are believed to reduce muscle tension, decrease inflammation associated with menstruation cramp pain as well as relax spasms to offer an overall sense of comfort and relief during your period.

To use this blend of essential oils simply add 5-10 drops into a warm bath or massage onto your lower abdomen with a carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba oil once a day from when your period begins until it ends.

Frankincense, Geranium, and Marjoram

Frankincense, geranium, and marjoram are three powerful essential oils that have been proven to be effective in reducing the severity of menstrual cramps.

Frankincense has a calming aroma, which can help reduce stress and anxiety that are often associated with menstrual cramps. It can also help reduce inflammation and pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Geranium oil has antispasmodic properties that can help relax tight muscles and soothe painful cramps. In addition, it has uplifting and calming effects that can make it easier to cope with the discomfort of menstrual cramps.

Marjoram is a warming oil that works as an analgesic to help relieve pain. It also helps to improve circulation, which can further reduce discomfort during menstruation. In addition to pain relief, marjoram essential oil has calming properties that may help improve mood during PMS or menstruation.

Together these three essential oils form an effective blend that may help reduce the severity of menstrual cramps with regular use. Whether you diffuse them separately or mix them into a carrier oil for direct application, they are sure to provide some relief from your monthly affliction!

Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile

The blend of ylang ylang, lavender, and Roman chamomile essential oils can help ease painful menstrual cramps. When combined, these oils offer anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties that can effectively soothe the muscle contractions and pain associated with menstruation. Studies have shown that this blend can reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps by relieving spasms in the uterine muscles.

To create this blend, mix 10 drops of ylang ylang oil, 8 drops of lavender oil, and 2 drops of Roman chamomile oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond oil. Massage it into your lower abdomen in circular motions when you begin to experience cramps. Alternatively, add a few drops to a diffuser to fill your room with its calming aroma.

How to Use Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps

Essential oils are volatile liquids believed to retain some of the healing and therapeutic properties found in medicinal plants and flowers. Some oils, when used properly, can provide numerous physical and emotional health benefits, including relief from menstrual cramps.

Before using essential oils for menstrual cramps, it is important to understand how to properly use and dilute these powerful substances. Essential oils can be used as inhalants or applied directly to the skin for topical relief.

However, due to their high potency, it is recommended that the oils be carefully diluted prior to direct application; typically one part essential oil diluted with four parts carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba oil is recommended.

When used aromatically or topically for relief of menstrual cramps, some of the suggested essential oil blends include Clary Sage with Lavender; Geranium with Grapefruit; Roman Chamomile with Frankincense; Bergamot with Marjoram; Ylang Ylang with Lemon; and Rosemary with Sweet Marjoram.

Clary sage contains compounds that may help reduce pain due to its antispasmodic properties, while Lavender has soothing effects that can promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Geranium helps increase circulation which may ease inflammation and discomfort associated with menstruation while Grapefruit helps balance hormones naturally because it includes a good amount of Vitamin C which might help regulate progesterone levels in women’s bodies.

Roman Chamomile has calming properties that can help manage anxiety issues present during the time of menstruation while Frankincense may help reduce muscle pain by enhancing circulation in certain areas around the abdomen.

Bergamot’s antispasmodic effects also alleviate menstrual cramps while Marjoram helps relax tense muscles associated with painful periods as it contains an antiviral agent that inhibits spasms in adrenergic nerve fibers in the uterus. Ylang Ylang enhances a sense of well-being by stimulating endorphin production while Lemon tends to spasm-inducing agents when inhaled or applied topically.

Lastly, rosemary has pain-relieving properties which can aid those enduring painful periods combined with sweet marjoram for its anti-inflammatory qualities helping reduce levels of discomfort due to its rich content within active phytochemicals like terpenes.

These six scientifically proven essential oil blends offer potential relief from painful menstrual cramps through aromatherapy or topical application — always make sure you are using pure essential oils rather than perfume-grade versions as this will assure maximum effectiveness from your chosen remedies.


Essential oils have been used for centuries to improve women’s well-being during menstruation. In this article, we discussed six essential oil blends proven to reduce menstrual cramps. These include lavender and clary sage, rose, geranium, bergamot, jasmine, and chamomile.

When using these essential oil blends on a regular basis, it is important to remember that they are potent and should be used with extreme caution. Be sure to read labels carefully and use the proper amounts as specified by the manufacturer of your particular blend.

Finally, if you are experiencing extreme discomfort from menstrual cramps that do not improve after trying some of these remedies or if you are worried about any irregularity in your cycle or any other symptom reaching out to a qualified healthcare provider can help provide physical examinations or tests procedures help uncover underlying causes of the menstrual pain so that an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated.

Proper management and lifestyle modifications such as following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking may lead to reduced frequency and intensity of menstrual cramps for many women.

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