6 TikTok Marketing Tricks for New Businesses

TikTok has immense power when it comes to reaching the right audience, going viral, and growing organically. Sure, a lot of success here can be accidental for brands. But with the right approach and great marketing strategy, you can boost your small business with little to no investment.

Why TikTok?

This is why TikTok is particularly great for new brands. You have the same chances of going viral as industry leaders. Sure, there are ads and paid promotions available. But one can get attention without it, meaning with no costs. So if you are a student or young adult working on a small business, it is high time to create a TikTok marketing strategy.

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The benefits of TikTok for a new business are:

  • Connection to Millenials and Gen z audience;
  • Increase of conversion rates;
  • Boosting brand awareness without paid promotion;
  • Opportunities to engage with the audience;
  • Chance to go viral;
  • Opportunities to boost user-generated content and promotion for your brand;
  • Create organic and authentic marketing;
  • Share your brand’s values, ideas, and releases;
  • Selling products and getting instant feedback.

Another major advantage is that video content is the most effective one now. And using a video-centric platform is the most effective way to establish your presence on the market.

TikTok Tips and Techniques for a New Business

1. Create a Business Account

TikTok Business is the ultimate choice for brands. How to set it up? Follow these steps:

  • Create an account;
  • Go to the profile page;
  • Open the Setting and Privacy tab;
  • Choose Manage account;
  • Go to Account control and choose Switch to Business Account.

After that, you need to select a category that applies to your brand (crafts, fitness, art, personal, etc). Now you can add your company’s email and website to the account.

This is important for the most effective digital content marketing and in case you are going to invest in paid promotion.

2. Create a Strategy

Do not try to approach it in the same way you’d use Instagram or Facebook. It is a completely different platform with separate rules, guidelines, and algorithms.

To work on your strategy, you need to:

  • Get familiar with the app. Spend here a decent amount of time, learning about features, filters, music, effects, trends, and branded challenges. Read about the algorithm and how it ranks and displays videos;
  • Define the target audience. This is the fundamental marketing rule – know who you want to reach to define how you are going to do that;
  • Audit the competitors and what they are doing. What type of content do they post? What techniques work for them? Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set business goals of what you want to achieve and how you want to present your brand;
  • Get to know the Analytic page and how to use it.

3. Stick to the Brand Voice

If you have a look at giant companies they all have different ways of presenting themselves here. Some choose an ironic and humorous approach, others educate the audience, and some lean toward a serious voice.

Choose the way you want to present your brand according to the main goal of the business, its values, and the reputation you want to establish. And be consistent with it. Sure, if you create educational videos, you still can have some humor in them. But the overall brand voice has to be consistent to create trust and reliability.

4. Spotlight Employees

Put a face to your brand to establish authenticity and humanize it. Behind all the products and services are people so put them in the spotlight. This allows the audience to see a bit of your day-to-day routine and operations.

Another great content idea is to create videos about your production process or packaging routine. Behind the scenes are exciting, especially if it is a small business.

Share content that highlights your brand values whether it is sustainability, making a positive change, or creating accessible products.

To establish expertise, educate the audience on the topics relevant to your niche. You can also share your business story and tease new launches.

5. Engage with the Audience and Creators

Engaging with others is a great way to show you care and are open to communication. To do that you can:

  • Answer questions and comments;
  • Leave comments on other creator’s videos;
  • Leverage TikTok Q&A feature;
  • Partner with relevant influencers for your industry;
  • Set trends like opening hauls or product demonstrations from customers;
  • Duet and react to videos.

6. Follow the Trends

Hoping on the trends is the best way to go viral or gain traction on this platform. Always keep an eye on the trending sounds, jokes, or hashtags. Such content gets more exposure from the algorithm and is available to people browsing through the hashtag or sound.

But make it authentic and original. Do not just copy someone else’s content. If you nail the trend you get a chance to gain some reputation credit and a lot of exposure. You can also create your own trends or sounds. It is difficult to ensure they’ll go viral as you never know what will stick. But it is worth trying once in a while.

In Summary

TikTok is perfect for small businesses because the algorithm gives one the same opportunities as industry leaders. And you can go viral, increase brand awareness, and boost sales without paying for ads. 

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