London, PTI Just as food is necessary for the development of our body, in the same way it is also necessary to get full sleep for the development of our mind. According to a research conducted in London, due to poor sleep, the brain development of children is not known properly. In addition, depression, anxiety, and mental problems are born in children. Research suggests that less sleep is a major contributor to changes in children's brain structure. According to a London researcher and the University of Warwick, good sleep plays an important role in brain development and is very important for children as children's brain continues to develop.

Research done like this

In a study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, scientists examined the brain structures of 11,000 children ages 9–11. He compared the children with their brains while sleeping. During this time, researchers found that depression, impulsive behavior, anxiety and low mental ability in children arise due to not getting enough sleep. Research has found that depression in children is due to less sleep than a year ago. Scientists have said that due to less sleep, the brain slows down and our brain is unable to take any kind of decision.


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Children should take 9-12 hours of sleep

It has also been said in research that due to less sleep, the size of the brain also remains small. Also, research says that children aged 6-12 years should get at least 9 to 12 hours of sleep. However, at the present time there are different types of activities along with school disrupting the sleep of children. Due to which children are unable to complete sleep. Research has shown that when children get only 7 hours of sleep, their behavior changes.

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