8 things about Georgina Rodríguez that maybe you did not know!

The beautiful wife of professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo also known as CR7, is the beautiful Spanish model and businesswoman Georgina Rodriguez who practically immediately began to have popularity thanks to his partner.

Although she has managed to become a celebrity, the beautiful model has also managed to stand out on her own, thanks to her charisma and personality but above all, it has been thanks to her beautiful figure and angelic face.

Georgina Rodriguez She has surprised more than one with her multiple talents, today she is a renowned model and also a businesswoman, she launched her own clothing line that we are sure has managed to become extremely popular as well as its creator.

On February 19, 2019, a video was shared on a YouTube channel where some things that perhaps many did not know about the spanish model, this was titled "8 curiosities of Georgina Rodríguez, the CR7 woman that have not been said on Youtube", if you want to see the video CLICK HERE, the video was shared on the channel of Alda Tuiran - universe of cracks.

Next I will show you 8 things you did not know about Georgina RodrÍguez, Cristiano Ronaldo's wife ", part of the video description.

Among the comments on the video that already has just over 200 thousand views, there are beautiful words addressed to the model, praising her beauty and personality.

I love Georgina, her beauty is natural, she keeps her beautiful black hair and has a beautiful figure, loving with Ronaldo's children. She is the perfect Cinderella who made her dream come true.

Here we show you some curiosities that you probably did not know about Georgina Youth.


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Though Georgina Rodriguez She is known for being a model of Spanish origin, the truth is that she was born in Argentina on January 27, 1994, however she was raised in Spain despite this, she is proud of her roots, her father is originally from the South American country and her mother Is spanish.


Independent woman

Despite the fact that nowadays the model has everything she could wish for, before meeting her husband she had to work hard to achieve her dreams and without any regret she has commented in interviews about the jobs she has had, babysitter, waitress and saleswoman, She is undoubtedly an independent woman, perhaps that is why CR7 fell in love with her.


Professional ballerina?

Georgina Rodríguez admitted that she is fascinated by ballet, however she did not manage to fulfill her dream to become a professional dancer due to the development of her voluptuous figure, for 15 years she studied ballet discipline that taught her to work as a team and to foster a taste for care of his figure and his health.


Adores animals

On constant occasions Georgina Gio has collaborated with various institutions to feed street animals, she adores animals and invests her time and money to help them have a better life.


Has a sister



Thanks to her more than 23 million 100 thousand followers on Instagram, Georgina Rodríguez has become an influencer on social networks, currently only follows 502 people besides her husband and has about 536 publications on the application.


Wedding with CR7

Many affirm that the couple has married in secret, because due to the pandemic their plans apparently were postponed a bit, however there are those who affirm that they contracted clandestinely and others mention that in fact there will be a wedding, but they have not mentioned the date.


Remoteness with his family

Perhaps not many knew but Georgina Rodríguez left her father after he was arrested and spent more than 10 years in jail, it is said that the model was very ashamed of what she had done, which is why she decided to get away from his own father, having to go through strong situations with his mother and sister when they were just children.


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