8 tricks to get the most out of Google Chrome

Some tools to improve productivity when using Google Chrome (Photo: Google)
Some tools to improve productivity when using Google Chrome (Photo: Google)

Google Chrome it hides several options that allow optimizing its use. Here are some tools that can facilitate the experience when using this browser.

1. Open certain pages at login

The system can be configured to always open the same page or a group of pages when logging in. To do this you have to go to the three points that appear in the upper right margin, then choose Settings and press where it says "When opening" in the left marginor. Then select the option that says "Open a specific page or set of pages." Once there choose "Add a new page" and include the URL of the page or pages in question. You can also choose the option "Use current pages" to use the ones that are currently open.

2. Zoom in on the text

PTo enlarge the letters of the page being read, just press CTRL and the plus sign (+) key. In case you want to shrink the letters, you have to press CTRL but press the minus sign (-)or move the mouse wheel down. This can also be managed from the configuration menu, which is accessed by pressing the three dots in the upper margin. There is a function there called “zoom” and it allows to reduce or enlarge the content.

3. Add tabs to bookmarks

When a page is added to bookmarks, that site will be highlighted when you open the browser, just at the top margin. To use this tool, simply click on the star that appears in the bar with the URL of the selected site.

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4. Drag multiple tabs at once

Google Chrome allows you to select and move multiple tabs at oncez. To do this you have to click on two or more tabs while pressing the CTRL button, in the case of Windows, or Command, in the case of macOS. Doing so will select the indicated tabs and drag them simultaneously.

5. Keyboard shortcuts

* In case of using Mac, the key will be "Command" instead of "Ctrl":

Open new tab: Ctrl + T.

Close the current window: Ctrl + W.

Select the link of the current window: Ctrl + L.

Quickly switch tabs: "Ctrl +" the tab number you want to switch to, for example, "Ctrl + 2".

If you have more than 8 tabs open, pressing "Ctrl + 9" accesses the last tab of the window.

Move a tab to the right: Ctrl + Tab.

Move a tab to the left: Ctrl + Shift + Tab.

6. Manage the information that is collected during navigation

Within the Privacy and security section, which is accessed from the configuration menu, there are several options that can be managed. One of them is the Website Configuration.

Within Permissions you can see what type of information is going to give access to the websites that are visited. One of the options says "cookies", which are the files created by the websites that are visited to store browsing information. With this data, sites can remember user preferences and offer relevant content taking into account several factors.

It should be noted that there are two types of cookies: those of origin, which are those created by the site you visit, and those of third parties, which are those created by other sites and which track user activity. You can disable this option, but some sites may require that it be enabled in order to navigate.

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7. How to save the pages as PDF

In case you want to save a web page to, for example, read the content without an internet connection or for any other reason, you can save the document in PDF format. To do this you have to enter the configuration menu, choose the Print option and where it says "Destination" select the "Save as PDF" option.

8. How to navigate in incognito mode

To navigate in incognito mode, enter the Settings menu and choose “New incognito window”.

It should be noted that incognito mode does not imply that browsing is completely anonymous. As it is clarified when opening the tab, the incognito mode implies that the browsing history will not be stored, nor the cookies and data of the website nor the information that is entered in the forms on that device, however it is possible that the activity The user remains visible to the websites that are visited, as well as Internet service providers and other organizations.


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