a big headache with this video that synchronizes the airport scene!

The ‘Novarya’ YouTube channel offers an original idea to return to review Tenet by Christopher Nolan, a 2020 sci-fi thriller fresh from the Oscar for best special effects.

The video in question, which you can admire as usual in the article, starts from the Oslo airport scene, one of the most fundamental of the complex plot time travel conceived by the filmmaker: the sequence occupies two macro-sections of the film, Nolan represents it once following the characters who ‘move forward’ and once from the point of view of those ‘inverted’, all seen both from the point of view of the Protagonista (John David Washington) both from that of his ally Neil (Robert Pattinson).

Novarya’s fan-made video brings together all points of view and timelines in the same shot, obtaining two immediate results: the first is the great headache you will suffer in trying to follow the contemporary and ‘synchronized’ narrative; the second is the huge headache that your headache will have in trying to understand how Christopher Nolan could think (first) and make (then) such an impressive and articulated sequence. Which among other things in the film will be even surpassed by the final climax, even more complex in terms of scale, scope and number of extras involved.

Echoing the statements of Gianni Canova during the Oscars ceremony, fans still wonder why Tenet stayed out of the 93rd Academy Awards: if you follow us frequently, you may already know that the friction between Nolan and Warner Bros. have played a fundamental role in this regard.

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