A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The first episode of this Thai Boy Love show came out on March 3, 2023. This is the first BL show that GMMTV has made this year.

The actors in the show have worked with GMMTV before and are well-known. The sequence has already gotten a lot of views via YouTube and is watched all over the world over and over again.

It is based on the book Khob Wanni Loek Kan Pi Mai by Brave2y, which has been changed. It is the latest novel by the same author set in the same world.

New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul is in charge of directing the series, and Inthira Thanasarnsumrit wrote the script. “New” has already directed popular shows like “Make It Right,” “Love by Chance,” “Between Us,” and “My Only 12%.” People know him for putting on good shows.

He and Inthira have already created a series that has grown to be very special to many fans. In their recent drama, Between Us, Boun and Prem have a great relationship on screen. So fans can’t wait for A Boss and a Babe to continue to unfold their beautiful storytelling.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Release Date:

The Thai BL drama series A Boss and a Babe is becoming popular among BL fans. It is inspired by a book with multiple parts.

Each part is about a different important couple. The second part, with Gun and Cher, has been changed by GMMTV. No official date has been set yet for when the second season will come out.

GMMTV already has started filming an eight-part series called “Anthology” that will feature a few married people who have been in other GMMTV shows.

On April 19, 2023, the second season of Our Skye will come out, so fans can keep hoping to see Gun and Cher again.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Trailer Release:

There is no formal teaser for season 2 of Boss and Babe, which is a shame. Fans can watch the first season’s trailer and stream the show right now.

Fans can also watch a trailer for the spinoff series Our Skye 2 on GMMTV’s official YouTube channel. The new series will start on April 19, 2023.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Cast:

Jiratchapong Srisangas Gun Kasidet Plookphol is CherPusit Ditaphisit is ThiThiphakorn Thitathan is Zo.

Jack Thinnaphan Tantui as Porsche Satabut Laedeke as Time Chinnarat Siriphongchawalitas

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Storyline:

This series takes place at Phenomenal Gaming, a company that makes video games. Gun is the boss, and Cher is a new intern.

Cher, who his friends call “Laem,” seems to want to grow into a big e-sports player and goes to different events with them.

He also has a channel for ASMR and a channel for video games. His playing games channel is popular, but on his ASMR channel, he hides his face.

He is a fun-loving college student who doesn’t worry about anything and isn’t nervous about trying new things.

On the other hand, Gun is a boss who runs his workplace with an iron fist because he is rigid and strict. His workers are always on guard and stiff when he’s around.

He and his friend started the business from scratch, but in the finish, they went in different directions, as well as his buddy left the business on a bad note.

Since then, he has turned back into the strict, unbending man we knew from of the start of the series. Enter Cher.

Gun doesn’t like what he sees when he meets the boss for the first time. Gun’s coffee order is also messed up by Cher, which makes her panic.

Even though things don’t look good, Gun figures out that Cher is the ASMR artist whose voice has been putting him to sleep every night. He makes a deal with Cher, even though things don’t look good.

The agreement says that Cher has to talk to Gun every night on the phone to help him fall asleep. Gun and Cher get to know each other better because of this strange deal.

Through the episodes, Gun learns to smile and try new things again. Cher makes him feel like a child again, even though he thought he had grown up.

On the other hand, Gun slowly starts to feel like a safe place for Cher. Cher doesn’t mind Gun seeing the dark side of her that she hides behind his bubbly exterior.

We learn about the bad things that happened in Cher’s past that made him leave his home and left him with a sense of loss and anger that will never go away.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Rating:

IMDb and MyDramaList both have ratings for the show. IMDb gives it a high score of 8.3 from out 10, and MyDramaList gives it an even better mark of 8.4 from out 10.

Fans all over the world, including those in Thailand, like it more and more.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Review:

The tv series is a lighthearted romantic comedy drama which sometimes interacts with massive topics related to actor backstories.

It is an entertaining show with a cute, fluffy storyline that is easy to follow. All of the actors are experienced in GMMTV, but most of them play minor roles that aren’t well written. Those who have dialogues which sometimes feel exaggerated.

Force and Book, the mainly two actors, had also come a long way since they were in Enchante. Their acting has also gotten a lot better.

The show’s writing isn’t very good, which poses challenges for the performers to give a great performance. Overall, the tv series is enjoyable to watch and is now famous for its enjoyable acting.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in A Boss and a Baby Season 2?

No one has said for sure how many episodes second season of “A Boss and a Babe” will have.

But it could be ten episodes like there were in the first season. Going to depend on how the narrative s going and what the audience thinks, the attack count could go up or down.

Still, the general performance and entertainment value of the show will remain a top priority, so each episode will proceed to be packed with thrilling subject matter that keeps audiences interested.

Fans of the show can expect a lot of changes, twists, and exciting moments in the second season.

Where To Watch A Boss And A Babe Season 2:

People who want to watch the show can do so on a number of official websites.

Both GMM 25, the formal original network, and Viu TV have the show. Fans can also watch the show on GMMTV’s official YouTube page, in which each episode will be split into four parts. Based on the time in Thailand, all 12 instances will be posted every Friday at 8:30 p.m.

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