A fall in pole dance causes María León facial paralysis

It is well known that María León is a fan of pole dance, the art of knowing how to dance on the tube, which many consider to be a extreme sport, and is that, truly, when performing the exercises for this discipline, a lot of dexterity and coordination are needed, as well as strength in arms and legs.

Most of the people who practice this sport, go to their nearest pole dance centers or those that best suit their needs, which, in case of any accident, they have their staff trained to solve problems and others, however, we know well that María León prefers to carry out this practice from the comfort of her home.

So he set out to place in a room of his house a “pole”, where, practically every day, she has to practice her movements, although, it is worth mentioning, she does not have a teacher who is helping her perform her dance steps, so, on one occasion, this ended in a strong accident, which triggered her a facial paralysis.

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Although, the actress commented that obviously it was not the first fall she has suffered, but she did emphasize that it is the first spectacular accident that has happened to her, telling it this way: “I fall on my head and on top of me, my bottom falls. The hour I fall I hear something thunder and when I get up I feel hot, I said 'I broke my nose'. I ran with my ex-partner and said 'tell me I have all my teeth'. Everything was full of blood, "he revealed.

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Later, when she went to the doctor, faced with such a spectacular fall, she was given the diagnosis of “facial paralysis”, and in addition to this condition, the singer had a cervical sprain and even had to lie in the recording of the series in which she was working at that time, so when he got to the doctor he asked him to keep his secret and say that it had been for something else, and not for falling out of the tube.

Similarly, León added that the whole thing was so scandalous that even some doctors thought that he had fractured his skull and lasted with facial paralysis for about two weeks, while with the cervical sprain, only a week, so he had than to appear with half his crooked face when he rejoined the recordings of his series, with which he entertains his fans.

It is worth mentioning that, at present, the also dancer María León continues to practice pole dance, clearly she does it with much more care, because she tries to avoid this type of mishaps at all costs, in addition, she has been seen to enjoy this and others extreme exercise routines despite the severe accident he suffered.

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Of course, you learn from mistakes, so, from the incident, León performs all his routines and training with the maximum possible care, because really everything could have ended worse, even with more serious cervical injuries that perhaps could have been. left immobile for several weeks and even months.

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Fortunately, it did not go from there and all her health problems were quickly solved, in addition, she was forced to receive physical therapy to be able to fully recover in the shortest possible time, as it was necessary to continue with the recordings of her series, and obviously he couldn't return to the set with his face paralyzed.

Lately we have been able to see María León placidly performing her stretches and all kinds of routines and acrobatics on pole, as well as in the gym she attends, where she spends her time practicing different balancing positions, and other breathing and stretching exercises , which keep her in shape and always ready to dance.


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