A famous grupero will lose his life in July, predicts Mhoni Vidente

The famous psychic, Mhoni Vidente, has released her predictions for this July and says that there are many revelations, in which there will be 7 trumpets and 7 messages, something very interesting that ensures that it will bring us closer to the spiritual.

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The famous clairvoyant begins by talking that she says that a medicine to fight the virus will be discovered and that the vaccine is very soon to come out, an issue that has users pending at all times.

Although this news was shocking, there was one that caught the attention and alerted Mexican regional music, or grupera, because you can see that a grupero musician or singer, from Sinaloa or Chihuahua, will lose his life in these weeks.

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Mhoni specifies a bit saying that his name begins with J or A, targeting a few famous representatives of the genre, which we prefer not to guess, but we will be vigilant just in case.

A few other predictions came and a great scare with them, because he began to say that there will be a tremor, something that even the presenter of the program "Here with you" was quite scared, but clarifies that it will be in Asia, achieving some peace for the Mexicans.

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He also talks about a possible new currency that will exist in Latin America, something unprecedented that could completely turn the economy around.

The famous seer also started talking about Karla Luna and Karla Panini, stressing that those energies were moved on the basis of envy. He also clarified that there being so many single men, he went to take the husband from her friend, something that she considers unforgivable.

He also says that new data will appear regarding the case, something that will even have repercussions at the legal level, since they are quite serious situations. At the end of his section, he comments that the churches and some other places are beginning to open, putting Julio as a new beginning for all of us.

Hopefully the positive things come for all of us.

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