‘A stunt was in danger of ending badly’

Tom Cruise is one who has never too much trouble risking getting seriously hurt while shooting his films: the star of Mission: Impossible has always been famous for his desire to personally perform all the stunts required for his roles, keeping faith with his commitment also for the new film in the franchise.

In the first photos of Mission: Impossible 7 we have already seen Cruise literally riding a train: the actor, however, has indicated another stunt as the more dangerous than the new movie of the series, if not as one of the most dangerous of his entire career.

In this case, it is a scene in which ours had to jump over a ravine on a motorcycle: “If he wind had been too strong could have knocked me off the ramp. The helicopter used for the shoot was a problem, I certainly didn’t want to be pushed down at full speed and hit a rock. But even if I had a bad start we would not have known how it would turn out. Really risked don’t end well“were the actor’s words about it.

We, for our part, can only be happy with the fact that good Tom was once again capable of bring the pellaccia home! Meanwhile, Empire recently dedicated its cover to the Mission: Impossible 7 star.

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