Abernathy will not be in the film

As we know, the saga of Fantastic Beasts will continue with Mads Mikkelsen replacing Johnny Depp in the third installment, due to the legal disputes involving the Pirates of the Caribbean star. Another actor in the cast, however, has his troubles with the law: we are talking about Kevin Guthrie, sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault.

The facts date back to 2017 and the violence allegedly took place in the Glasgow apartment of colleague Scott Reid, where he was also present Kevin Guthrie. The latter, who also appeared in films such as Dunkirk and Sunshine On Leith, according to the BBC has denied the allegations, claiming to have only helped the woman 29-year-old who accused him after she fell ill. However, traces of DNA of Guthrie were found in the woman’s underwear, and the actor was placed on the register of sex offenders.

The woman told the court that she was groped by Guthrie when the two were left alone in the room, since Reid had gone out to call for help.

According to Deadline reports, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Kevin Guthrie will not be in Fantastic Beasts 3, adding that the presence of Abernathy (the character he played) was not planned anyway. It remains to be seen, at this point, whether Fantastic Beasts will continue after the third chapter.

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