About 40 Million People Face Severe Weather

Some parts of the United States have experienced varying degrees of weather-related problems within the past week.

The Northeast and Midwest parts of the country have experienced deadly floods and fierce thunderstorms that have put the lives of millions of people at risk.

As per the meteorologist, Michael Guy, over 39 million people are currently facing the risk of severe weather from Texas to Ohio Valley.

The National Weather Service (NWS) warned that some parts of the region should expect “multiple rounds of storms.” 

“A combination of strong thunderstorms with heavy rainfall” is also foreseen in areas such as Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois while flash flooding continues, according to NWS.

Other parts of the country that should expect some forms of weather-related problems are Kansas City and some parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

NWS warned that Kansas City should expect hails that can be as big as an inch in diameter.

This is not surprising because the area experienced a severe storm at 60 mph until Wednesday evening. Oklahoma and Arkansas are warned to expect winds at a disturbing speed of 70 mph and “large hail events.”

The past two weeks have resulted out a series of tornadoes in the country. 76 different cases of tornadoes were reported within 13 days.

Western Ohio experienced three ravaging tornadoes that led to a loss of life and injuries to many people.

 Linwood in Kansas also witnessed a tornado on Tuesday evening, although the city didn’t record a casualty. Tens of flights have been canceled to ensure the safety of the affected areas.

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