About My Father (2023) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

About My Father (2023) Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

We all adore humor more than horror or drama, therefore praise God for the filmmakers who keep putting out comedies year after year.

The year 2023 boasts a fantastic schedule of films and television shows, but About My Father is one of the films that will stick out and have us doubled over in laughter.

Sebastian Maniscalco will write the screenplay for this forthcoming American comedy film, which is partially based on Sebastian’s connection to his father. With regards to About My Father, there is a lot to be excited about, and we are here to fill you in.

You will undoubtedly laugh so hard that you will weep while watching About My Father, but you will also learn what family really means.

This film is expected to have some outstanding A-list the performers who will undoubtedly turn it into a smash success. As one of the funniest and best-known comedians in the world, Sebastian Maniscalco, we have no question that his comedy will work well on film.

We’re here to provide you all the information you need about About My Father, from the storyline to the characters and more, as the movie’s trailer just came out:

About My Father (2023) Release Date:

The 2023 release date for the Laura Terruso-helmed film About My Father, which was also produced by Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, Andrew Miano, & Judi Marmel. Fans may note this day on their calendars to get ready for the release of this much anticipated film.

About My Father (2023) Trailer Release:

Fans may see the About My Father movie’s official trailer to get a peek of the comedy and plot. The amazing universe that the skilled actors and crew built may be seen in the teaser.

About My Father (2023) Cast:

The ensemble cast of About My Father is made up of:

  • Robert De Niro
  • Leslie Bibb
  • Anders Holm
  • David Rasche
  • Kim Cattrall

About My Father (2023) Storyline:

In the movie About My Father, the focus is mostly on the connection between a boy and his father when they are placed in a completely different setting.

Before we get into the specifics of the narrative, let’s look at About My Father’s official plot summary to have a better understanding of what to anticipate from the film:

The main character of the movie About My Father is Sebastian, who is persuaded by his fiancée to bring his father, Salvo, a hairdresser who is from Italy, to a saturday get-together with her obscenely wealthy and quirky family.

Sebastian and Salvo learn that the best thing around family is that it’s all about family as the weekend turns into something that can only be characterized as a cultural clash.

A similar idea was recently explored in the Netflix film You People, which prioritized race and love but also had significant cultural clashes. My Father & You People will undoubtedly vary greatly from one another in a number of ways, yet the core may not change.

About Two families will unintentionally mix together in front of my father, and given how unlike they are from one another, there is no way they will click right away. However, this weekend gathering will be distinctive.

Sebastian and Salvo, a father-son team that must spend the whole weekend getting to know Sebastian’s fiancé’s family, are the major protagonists in About My Father. Even though they have been existing for a while, cultural disputes have recently become a popular plotline in Hollywood films.

Even though it makes for some hilarious comedy, this illustrates how the US is growing more diverse and how slowly but surely people are learning to be more accepting of one another. All of these issues will be there in Regarding My Father, however the emphasis will stay on family and how important it is.

There are numerous reasons why About My Father will be a huge success, but the cast is undoubtedly one of them. Continue reading this page since the cast members will be discussed in the part after this one!

In the brand-new comedy About My Father, the most popular comedian in America, Sebastian Maniscalco, teams up with renowned Italian-American & two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro (Best Actor, Raging Bull, 1980).

The main character of the movie is Sebastian (Maniscalco), who is persuaded by his fiancée Leslie Bibb to invite his immigrant father Salvo (De Niro), a hairdresser, to a weekend get-together with her obscenely wealthy and eccentric family (Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Brett Dier, & David Rasche).

Sebastian and Salvo learn that the best thing about family is that it’s all about family as the weekend turns into what can only be characterized as a cultural clash.

Ellie invites Sebastian to spend a customary holiday with her at her “family’s vacation home.” She coerces him into bringing his father along so that they may meet and get to know one another. After this, things only start to get weird.

Salvo is a hairdresser with a really unique and endearing attitude. Ellie’s parents, on the other hand, are privileged high-tone characters. They’re not completely snobby, but they don’t know what it’s like to be deprived of luxury.

The key themes of About My Father include the intricacies of family relationships, disputes, and accepting oneself via comedy. However, not all comedy is wasted.

The space and attention needed for emotional moments to flourish are provided. On-screen chemistry between Sebastian & Robert De Niro is effortless. They make a great father-son team on film.

Where To Watch About My Father (2023)?

Given that the forthcoming comedy film About My Father isn’t due out until 2023, you may have to wait a bit longer to view it. You will be able to see About My Father in cinemas when it opens because actors like Robert De Niro & Kim Cattrall unquestionably belong on the big screen.

You should mark your calendar and choose a time for About My Father since 2023 will be a busy year for movie for everyone who goes to the cinema.

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