Acapulco Shore 7: Dania leaves the house and Mane gets away with it

Last week the disappearance Dania caused quite a stir and finally appeared, but for something that everyone feared, for say gooobyefor he left the house, something Mane and Jawy longed for.

Without a doubt this episode was one of the most anticipated, as there was a mystery that had everyone full of intrigue, the disappearance of Dania.

This happened after a visit to a club that, as it is nothing new, had ended in conflict with the couple known as "Mawy”.

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At the beginning of the episode everyone began to wonder what had happened, because despite only being "accepted" by Fer and Rocio, the others also saw something worried.

However, upon learning of Mane and Jawy, their reactions were nothing more than just in derision.

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As the cats leave without saying goodbye, their only purpose was to fix the ped * with me and I already said no, "said Mane.

But everything changed course when minutes later Dania appeared again in the house, but unfortunately only to say goodbye to her companions.

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Dania came home very smiling and relaxed, because she is characterized by not taking much importance to problems.

I came to say goodbye, thank you for everything, it was a good vacation after all, ”he told his colleagues.

What perhaps surprised his fellow travelers and fans so much is that he said the reason he was leaving is because he is very in love.

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I'm in love, I'm happy, my boyfriend invited me to a tour, I'm going to Colombia with him ”, she told them.

As expected, after the envy they felt, Mane, Karime and even Nacha put in doubt that Dania went on tour with her boyfriend Lorduy, from Piso 21.

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You can see that not everyone wants to see me that I am not to their liking, but here I am with my head held high, "said Dania.

As expected, Dania's departure generated reactions on social media and it quickly became trend in social networks, since nobody wanted him to leave the program.


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