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If we know anything about Niurka Marcos, the famous Cuban starlet, it is that she is an intrepid woman who is not afraid of what they say about her, so she has had a life full of decisions and this time we will address one she made at only 13 years.

It is about the occasion when Niurka had her first sexual relationship, which happened very early age, so at the time of starting her career as a dancer in Mexico in the past 4 years of that event.

The famous gave more details about this action, being honest with the entertainment media once again and clarifying that it was with her first boyfriend, who enjoyed it a lot, in fact she considers that she is a woman who was born to break what society normally establishes as correct, although she confesses to having sinned hypocrisy to save appearances, though no more.

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Niurka being Niurka at its finest, as she herself wrote on her Instagram account, receiving thousands of comments in support of part of substance as she is considered one of the most real and outspoken artists that exists, as she says everything you think and feel openly.

This was the great confession that has caused controversy in some people as usual and a certain liberation and satisfaction on the part of other users who feel identified with the Cuban starlet.

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At 53 years old, Niurka Marcos continues to be one of the most liked star actresses and singers by Mexicans, as well as appearing in various programs where she ends up delighting viewers with her beautiful figure, which she preserves thanks to the routines of exercise.


In fact, his Instagram is full of videos and photographs in which he appears exercising, so showing muscle and amazing curves seems to him an everyday and necessary thing because he wants to keep his fans well pampered with his snapshots.

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For this reason it is very important that a person like Niurka Marcos has represented so many women expressing their feelings about their sexuality, as we know she takes things with humor and suddenly tends to do crazy things, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The comments he received about it are the following: "Niurka is one of the most sincere real and unique people I know has no filters Hahaha", "She is one of the most beautiful of the novels, the one I liked the most was Salomé" "I love Niurka's sincerity", "God bless you Niurka blessings."

In fact, in the program where Niurka Marcos appeared, she spent a long time until it was time to get out of there, so she left with everything and without looking back, leaving this very intimate part of her recorded for posterity.

For this reason we can assure you that her career beginning at 17 years old was something that also marked her, starting as a dancer in nightclubs, the Tropicana de Mérida is one of them in Yucatán and then starting in the world What would her future be a star

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In Mexico, he also met his first love, a Mexican from Mazatlán, to later move to Baja California and have his first child.

Niurka's life has had ups and downs but she has always remained firm in her way of being, so everything that has happened to her has been nothing more than a means to turn her into the strong and controversial woman she has become. .

After experiencing some not so pleasant personal situations, she studied for 4 years at the National Circus School of Cuba, so there she acquired many skills which she developed on her return to Mexico participating in shows and becoming a television host.

This is how she got her job in the play that made her such a famous adventurer directed by Carmen Salinas and with which she gained fame, being one of the most popular in Mexico.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it was also received that she was included in soap operas such as “Tres mujeres”, “Salomé” and “I'll never forget you.” In fact, it was working on television, in fact it was that working on television doing interviews, she met the producer Juan Osorio with whom we already know had a long history, but that remains for another topic.

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