Actress Eiza González flirts with her fans in some videos


The actress from Mexico and also a singer Eiza Gonzalez She is known for being a successful interpreter and also a film and television actress, recently shared videos where she is flirting with her fans in a surprising way, surely she left him with their mouths open.

Eiza González throughout her career has been characterized by being an extremely beautiful woman, with a spectacular figure, which is what makes her followers constantly see her publications and also be aware of them.

Currently on her official Instagram account she has only 6 million 200 thousand followers, the actress constantly deletes part of her post, today she has only 463 publications which are divided into photographs and videos.

For some years now eiza Gonzalez He decided to move to the United States to try his luck in the American film market, fortunately he has had a very good response from the public in that country, in Mexico he will always have great support, Eiza has been successful in each of the participations in which he has collaborated In American cinema, it is a pride to know that someone so loved in Mexico triumphs in another country.

Little by little it has conquered Hollywood and although so far it has not had a leading role, on the few occasions it has appeared in the cinema, these have been important participations! Eiza González constantly captivates with her beauty and especially with her height (1.73 cm.) In addition to her stylized figure, she has positioned herself as one of the Mexican celebrities who has conquered the hearts of Americans.

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It was through his stories on Instagram that he shared several videos in which he is making some faces with his face, despite the fact that if anyone made them they would look extremely comical, in the case of Eiza Gonzalez These grimaces are really flirty, in the first one he appears closing his eye and outlining a vain smile, in the second video he sticks his tongue out a bit, it seems that he is imitating two emojis that you will identify immediately, they are the most used by the netizens.

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In their videos you can see although it is not so clearly the top they are wearing, this has attracted a lot of attention, although you cannot see part of their forehead, you can simply see some thin strips of their outfit, this causes the The imagination of her fans begins to work, they probably imagined Eiza González with a pronounced cleavage.

Something that has been observed in their social networks is that the singer a Eiza Gonzalez is that he does not share publications constantly, some of them do them every two weeks or so, however his fans are always aware of what he uploads to Instagram or Twitter.

And it is that just a few months ago she was surprised with her return to social networks, and although she does not upload photos or video clips continuously, her fans are happy that she has returned, every news that is had about her is synonymous with joy for certain people who they admire her and follow in her footsteps.

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The actress recently shared sad news for her and her family because the recent pandemic took one of the members of her family, it was an uncle named Javier, it was her own mother who made the sad event known.

So far no news has been shared in relation to whether Eiza González has been infected, fortunately as they say "the bad news comes first" so so far it seems that he is in perfect condition.

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