Adam Sandler about to lose his life in Rough Diamonds

The famous American actor, producer and screenwriter Adam Sandler almost does not live to tell it, because he revealed that he was about to lose his life in his Netflix platform movie Rough Diamonds.

The paper Adam's role in Rough Diamonds was somewhat ccompletely different than we are used to seeing in Adam Sandler, but thanks to this he received very good reviews from the audience and the experts.

However, not everything was so good, as he had an accident during the filming of the film and almost caused him to drown.

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It was in an interview with the magazine Entertainment Weekly, that Sandler and the directors of the film, Josh and Benny SafdieThey talked about how they made the movie.

There the three revealed the stormy accident It almost cost him his life while filming a scene when the character is kidnapped after it was discovered that he was using his money for sports betting.

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Sandler was so involved in the scene that he got scared a couple of times because he was drowning at one point in the scene. There was one shot when he was drowning and he tried to take advantage of the moment of the scene, but he kept being Howard, so he drowned more strongly to the point that Adam could no longer breathe, "he confessed.

Apparently this accident occurred since the actors who played the bodyguards who kidnap Howard they had never acted so they did not know how hard they had to hang Adam Sandler.

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That was how Adam confessed that this was just one of the many accidents that he was bruised during the filming of the film.

However, the actor noted that despite the bad times managed to really enjoy working in the movie with the Safdie brothers.

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I love these guys, I love them, we talk all the time and I think they are just great people, I would like to work with them again, because it's a whole new feeling, "added Adam.

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