Adele debuts new image and romance, shares it on social networks

Singer Adele He is debuting a new image and along with it his new romance, which he no longer hides and shares on social networks.

In your most recent post, Adele He maintained interaction with his followers to whom he replied some comments about something that has drawn attention regarding his new partner.

The interpreter of "Someone Like You" who separated from her ex-partner a few months ago is about to be free officially and after its shocking reappearance after losing several kilos now the singer again is the center of attention since apparently the happiness smiles at him again.

The original singer British worthy of one of the voices most acclaimed worldwide along with his peculiar style of interpreting that brought him to the top of success is one of the most anticipated on stage.

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He sentimentality She has become her hallmark when it comes to interpreting and, along with everything that now comes to her life, it makes us think that the artist will have a greater inspiration and new topics to share in front of their millions of followers.

Adele had a three-year relationship with Simon Koneckiwho is also the father of her son Angelo, who cares for the media exposure since his arrival in the world, a millionaire agreement had to be fulfilled to regain his freedom.

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Now the singer, after going through the hard process of separation The father of her son is a renewed woman who decided to fight for herself and now she would also share part of it with her new partner, which rumors say would be Joseph Junior Adenuga, artistically known as Skepta.

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Adele's Romance Clues

In the first place, the singer gave the great news to her fans that there was a record on the door, however, the pandemic has delayed its launch, emphasizing that the important thing now is to stay home and take care of yourself.

It was later when the subject of Skepta A British emcee, rapper, songwriter and music producer came to light. After being questioned, Adele answered the comment with a emoji of a face and a heart.

Fans questioned Adele about Skepta and this was her reaction. Instagram

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So this, would be the confirmation to said rumors after it became known that the relationship between the two was more than a friendship.

It was in October 2019 when Skepta and Adele would have started their relationship and a source close to the alleged couple at the time revealed that there was an intimate connection between them since they spent much of the time together after they both agreed on their separation with their respective partners.

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So far, more details about it are unknown since the singer also maintains a somewhat reserved life and a clear example of this was the little she revealed about her pregnancyHowever, sooner or later fans hope that love will sooner or later reveal the singer and her new partner.

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