After contagion from Andrea Legarreta, everyone in Hoy takes the test


After having released the news that Andrea Legarreta has tested positive for the virus, the entire equipment of the Hoy program had to do the test to make sure they are in good health.

It was only yesterday morning that the news aired and now, apparently everyone in the famous morning show "Hoy", has had to do the test of the virus to see if someone else is infected after Andrea tested positive.

Inside the program Today of Televisa measures were already taken after the contagion of Andrea Legarreta, so his colleagues were tested to see if they are also carriers of the virus.

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In fact, it was the driver Arturo Carmona, who confirmed the completion of the test, because as he recalls, he is the one who is there due to the temporary absence of Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin.

They warned us very early not to come because, well, they already knew that my partner Andrea Legarreta tested positive, ”Carmona commented in an interview.

And according to Arturo, the rest of the cast of the team of the morning broadcast produced by Magda Rodríguez went to perform the test.

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The driver noted that he is concerned about Legarreta, to whom he wished a speedy recovery and commented that they have always been careful in this situation.

We are not exempt from the fact that anyone can become infected ”, he commented.

In this way, Carmona stressed the importance of taking the test and thus avoiding possible infections either within the recording set or anywhere else.

You don't have to trust yourself, take good care of yourself, "he concluded.

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It was this Monday, August 31, that the famous host Galilea Montijo reported at the beginning of the morning program “Today”About the contagion of Legarreta, who minutes later linked live with his fellow members of the broadcast to give details about his health.

Andrea Legarreta She pointed out that for her the alarm processes began with a stronger flu than usual, she began to take medications for body pain, however, the alarm went on last Saturday when she noticed an elevation in her temperature.

In addition, he also presented fatigue and loss of smell, it was there when he decided to go to a hospital for the test and on Sunday afternoon they gave him the results.

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In the same transmission, she detailed that her husband, Erik Rubín, has not presented any symptoms, while one of her daughters just told her that she felt a little more tired when exercising, however, neither has confirmed whether or not she is infected or if they could be asymptomatic.

On the other hand, on his official Instagram account, Legarreta shared a reflection on his contagion.

Those who know me know that I am VERY responsible. I have been going to work since the pandemic began with great care and protecting myself ... I know people who by staying at home have been infected and still do not know how it was and others who go to work or to the supermarket and thank God they have not been infected " he wrote in the post.

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The publication has caused several emotions among its followers who have shown all their support for it and so far the publication has more than 50 thousand likes and comments full of encouragement for it to move forward.

Always positive and with great faith that you will get out of this "," God with you and your family, soon it will be one more story in that wonderful book that you write every day called LIFE "," Take care of yourself Andy, we miss you, yes, but we miss you more. you matter and we care that you are healthy and see you at 100, not better at 1000 ", were some of the comments.

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