new Delhi. In Afghanistan, America lost more than 3 thousand soldiers in the last two decades and spent trillions here, but what did they get as a result. This is a question on which the brainstorm will continue for many years. In fact, there are some points in the agreement with the Taliban on which the US is patting its back, which are directly related to the Afghan government. At the same time, Afghanistan's elected government was nowhere in this whole process. It can also be said ironically that the US executed this agreement under a compulsion to ensure the return of its army.

According to one point of the agreement, the Afghan government will release 5,000 Taliban prisoners, while the Taliban will release one thousand Afghan government personnel. But just 24 hours after the agreement, the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, has made it clear that this point put in the agreement cannot be accepted by the Taliban in any way before future talks. He also said that this could definitely be an issue involved in the talks, but it could not be considered as a precondition for the talks.

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Let me also tell you here that the Taliban had laid the condition of talks with the government of Afghanistan only after the agreement with America. But due to the absence of any involvement from the Afghan government on this agreement, the Afghan government is not even constrained to accept the points placed in it. The reason for this is also very clear. The entire purpose of this agreement rests on the withdrawal of the US Army. It was also made clear after the agreement by the US that the future of Afghanistan would be decided on the understanding of the Taliban and the Afghan government.

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One condition of the agreement is that in future the US will not interfere in any kind of internal affairs of Afghanistan. This condition is also special in this context because America is not going to look this way in future. Therefore, here too, the Afghan government and the Taliban will have to use their dominance. In the future of Afghanistan, it will be its rule that will prove its strength here. But there is also a truth that in this case the Afghan government is currently looking more weak in front of the Taliban.

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While the Taliban have open support of Pakistan, Qatar is also with them. The Taliban also has a political office in Qatar. There is a truth that while the Afghan government expects India's cooperation in every field, both the Taliban and Pakistan have been pushing anti-India policies. Pakistan also considers the establishment of Taliban rule in its neighborhood much better for itself. Let me tell you that only America and Taliban were majorly involved in this agreement. Apart from this, Pakistan was a part of it. So in the future, how will the Afghan crisis be resolved? No other country will play any role in this.

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Let me also tell you here that this agreement was signed in Doha on behalf of the US by Khalizad and Taliban Deputy Founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. At the moment, it would not be wrong to say that Donald Trump has played his electoral stakes through this agreement, but the fact is that Afghanistan has once again become lonely in the midst of this agreement. The results of this agreement will start appearing within a few months. Currently, the Taliban has ordered its fighters to stop the attack, but it will be interesting to see how long they will execute it. Also, how does the Taliban react to the statement of the Afghan President, it will also be helpful in drawing the future of there.

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