After the George Floyd case, Kylie Jenner fears for the life of her daughter Stormi

Entrepreneur and socialite Kylie Jenner shared that due to unfortunate events, she fears for the life of her daughter, Stormi Webster.

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Like every mother, Kylie keeps herself awake thinking about the future of her little daughter, since she obviously wants her to be good, to be successful and to always be safe. And of course she wants the future to be good, for herself and for her whole family, but in a super special way for her daughter Stormi.

After the events that occurred, the sad news that torments the United States, about another case of a police officer who abused his power and deprived an African-American man of his life, social networks caught fire, even for the model, who assures that he will never forget the face of the poor man.

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The minor of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, recently shared a publication on her official Instagram account, an image with a quote from the renowned activist, Martin Luther King Jr., which says the following: "There comes a time when silence is treason" .

"Since watching the most devastating and utterly heartbreaking video showing the murder of George Floyd earlier this week, I have been unable to get his face and words out of my mind," Jenner began writing in the post.

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The celebrity also mentioned that she never personally experienced the pain and fear these people suffer, every day throughout the United States. "I know that no one should have to live in fear and no one deserves a mu3rt3 like George Floyd and many others," he added to the post.

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And because racism in this country is terrible, to the extent that it has taken thousands of lives, Jenner also commented that it is time that people who live in tranquility should also raise their voices, in order to prevent these events from continuing.

Likewise, he declared that the country is currently dealing with two horrible epidemics, clarifying that it is no longer time to sit back and ignore the fact that racism is one of them.

To which Jenner ended in this message that she fears for her little daughter of just two years and hopes for a better future for her, since the little one is an African-American part. “My heart is broken by George Floyd's family and friends. Don't let him forget his name, keep sharing, keep looking, keep talking, because it is the only way we can come together to help bring this much-needed change and consciousness, rest George Floyd in peace, "the message ended.

For his part, Travis Scott, the father of his little girl made a video in collaboration with the Nike brand, in which he asks that this problem is not ignored and justice is demanded. "Don't turn your back on racism. Do not accept that innocent lives are taken away. Don't make any more excuses. Do not think that this does not affect you ”, is the main message of this clip.

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