"After Titanic I felt bullied"

Appearing recently opposite Saoirse Ronan in Francis Lee's Ammonite drama, Kate Winslet was a guest on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, where she recounted the period in which she felt bullied after starring in Titanic at the age of 21.

"After the release of Titanic I went into self-protective mode" stated the actress. “I went through a lot of physical checks, I was criticized a lot and the UK press was pretty rude to me. I felt bullied to be honest. I remember thinking, 'This is horrible and I hope it will pass.' Eventually it passed but it made me realize that if being famous means that, I wasn't ready to be famous yet, absolutely not. "

To keep a low profile after the avalanche of attention received for her role in James Cameron's film, the actress she has been involved for some time on smaller projects. "I was still learning to act, I felt I wasn't ready for the big Hollywood jobs" explained the actress. "I didn't want to make mistakes and waste my chances, I wanted to stay in that game for a long time. I looked for small strategic jobs in order to understand the job a little better and maintain a certain degree of privacy and dignity."

The press tightness, according to what Winslet recounted, is ceased when she became a mother at the age of 25 and even started to ignore all the excessive attention towards him. "All that stuff evaporated in an instant," he added.

Meanwhile, Winslet broke Tom Cruise's only record on the set of Avatar 2.

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