Again My Life Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

We’ve seen a variety of Korean television shows, including romantic, comforting, and imaginative ones.

But have you ever seen a Korean crime, suspense, or thriller television series? If so, you already know that the series is not to be taken lightly.

In addition, you need to give these a try if you haven’t already. The Korean television shows Memorist, He Is Psychometric, Signal, Tunnel, & many more are examples of criminal thrillers. My Life is another one of those Korean TV shows. It is a Korean fantasy adventure drama that is based on the same-named book series.

Again, My Life’s first season premiered on April 8 on SBS and ran till May 28 of 2022. Once again, people love the Korean television series My Life.

In just a few days, it amassed a sizable following. Already, there is a lot of anticipation among fans for the next season. They want to know whether Again My Life will return for a new season.

Again My Life Season 2 Release Date:

The program has already attracted a sizable fanbase, not only in Korea but from all around the globe, as we indicated above.

The first season was extremely well received by the audience. The following one season of Again in My Life hasn’t even started yet, but the fans are anxiously anticipating it. The first season’s suspenseful conclusion heightened the viewers’ anticipation.

Unfortunately, the creators of Again, My Life have not provided a definite release date. You needn’t worry about it, however.

Given how the first season ended, we can predict that the program will undoubtedly return for another. Additionally, the program is anticipated to premiere around 2023 or 2024.

Again My Life Season 2 Trailer Release:

As you are aware, there is currently no video or teaser for the program as a second season has not yet been announced. If there is an additional season, the trailer should be released around 2023 or 2024.

Again My Life Season 2 Cast:

Again, My Life’s cast comprises

  • Lee Joon Gi,
  • Lee Kyoung Young
  • Kim Ji-Eun,
  • Choi Kwang-II,
  • Hong Bi Ra,
  • Kim Jin Woo,
  • Jung Sang Hoon,
  • Kim Jae Kyung

There are plenty more. We may anticipate that the first season’s cast will come back and reprise their roles when there is a second.

Again My Life Season 2 Storyline:

Because it was an adaptation of the same-named online book by KakaoPage, Again My Life, which was published in April of this year, was adored by viewers.

The program has not yet been renewed for a second season, but viewers are optimistic that it will return soon and are eager to see whatever will unfold in Season 2.

Han Chul Soo was previously questioned about the second season’s storyline. Its likelihood, he said, will depend on the facts and circumstances.

If it returns for an additional season, a powerful individual would be in charge of the system as a whole, and that would lead to a plot in which Hee Woo checks and punishes the bad guys.

Han also said that because it is an original online book, continuing with a second season is appropriate.

He continued by saying that he was thinking of giving Kim Hee Woo a new talent that wasn’t described in the book.

All we am able to state at this time is that choices made by the creators determine everything. Since the program debuted in April 2022, it’s possible that the creators may wait a while before renewing it.

A week after the first season finished, there were several rumors about a second. In an interview, Han Chul Soo expressed his gratitude to the public for their support, which was the outcome of their hard effort.

He said farewell to the program and thanked the director, actors, and writers before saying that he will always cherish the 200 days he had spent shooting it.

Since they feature a distinctive plot and script, South Korean shows have consistently been the top choice for viewers.

Once again, one of most popular South Korean series is My Life. When the second season debuts, a respectable reception is anticipated.

Prosecutor Kim Hee-woo is dedicated to righteousness and justice. A former mixed martial artist, he earned his law degree from Hankuk University after retaking the collegiate admission test three times.

He investigates the criminal offenses done by lawmaker Cho Tae-sub, who is a vicious, corrupt, and cold-blooded guy underneath his kind-hearted and reputable exterior, against the instructions of his superiors.

Unfortunately, Tae-sub outwits Hee-woo since he not only hushed the witnesses but additionally ordered his go-to assassin “Dr. K” to assassinate Hee-woo.

Hee-woo’s soul met a female Grim Reaper not long after his death, who gave him a second chance to live, but only if he brought Tae-sub to justice and gave him what he deserved in this life; she also said that they would eventually cross paths in Hee-woo’s second life.

As soon as Hee-woo agrees to the request, he is sent back in time to 2007, fifteen years earlier, when he was a recent high school graduate working part-time and taking back his college entrance test for the first time.

Additionally, he meets with the his parents, Kim Chan-sung and Lee Mi-ok, who were both alive when they passed away.

Hee-woo succeeds in saving his parents from a drunk driving crash that happened fifteen years before but was never investigated. But this time, Hee-woo’s action causes the driver to pass away.

It turns out that the driver is Cho Hyun-seok, Tae-sub’s son & a potential lawmaker. Hee-woo becomes even more enraged with Tae-sub after realizing that Tae-sub used his influence to conceal his son’s accident as the cause of the unsolved tragedy.

Hee-woo also used his historical knowledge to save Kim Han-mi and Kim Kyu-ri from meeting their separate tragic ends, gaining their respect and confidence. His parents and friends are shocked and incredulous at Hee-woo’s personality transformation.

Hee-woo, much to the pleasure and satisfaction of his parents, succeeds in passing the college entrance test and entering Hankuk University Law School a three-year sooner than he initially did with his own efforts and Kyu-ri’s assistance.

Hee-woo becomes friends with Kim Hee-ah, a kind-hearted and upright freshman in the department of computer engineering, as well as Lee Min-soo, a law school student who switched from the arts.

Hee-woo recognizes Hee-ah but is unable to remember if they had ever interacted in his previous existence.

Where To Watch Again My Life Season 2?

If you’re not familiar with VIKI, allow me to introduce you to this Korean OTT service. Here, you may watch a lot of Korean dramas.

VIKI is the ideal location for you if you like Korean dramas. Again, My Life is available there for streaming. The first season’s earlier episodes are available on VIKI. If a new season is released, it will do so on the same platform.

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