Aggretsuko Japanese Season 3 Coming in February 2023 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer Release and Everything You Need to Know

Aggretsuko Japanese Season 3 Coming in February 2023 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer Release and Everything You Need to Know

Following the approval of Aggretsuko fifth season by the streaming juggernaut, Netflix’s adorable death-metal enthusiast red panda will make one final appearance in February 2023.

Restoke will once more take center stage with her blazing corporate resentments, but this time it is for the last season.

Aggretsuko return was revealed by Netflix along with information about other shows like The Art of the Househusband season 2 and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean at the 2022 Spotify TUDUM Japan fan event.

Aggretsuko Japanese Season 3 Coming in February 2023 Release Date:

So yet, the only premiere date provided by Netflix is February 2023. However, it is clear from Aggretsuko prior releases that Netflix and Fanworts favor mid-month premieres.

The words “Restoke shall return” were displayed in white over a black background in the closing frame of episode 10 of season 4, with the number “5” faintly visible in the background. In order to continue working on the program at Fanworts, director Radek will be back. The majority of the actors and crew will also be back.

The year for animation on Netflix appears to be 2023. Some excellent Netflix anime series have already made a comeback, and at the start of the year, new anime programmers were also released. And there are still a tone of Netflix anime series that are anticipated and confirmed to release over the course of the remainder of 2023!

Even better, Netflix also has licenses for several well-known anime. For instance, two episodes of Kimi nib Tooke: From Myself To You were released on January 1 to kick off the year. The popular Japanese shoo romance manga that had the same title by Kanuho Shaina served as the inspiration for the anime.

Given that the currently reside series is scheduled to premiere in March 2023, fans were thrilled to learn that it would be accessible to view on Netflix. On January 1st of this year, the first 30 episodes of a anime series Monster from the mid-2000s were also released.

Aggretsuko Japanese Season 3 Coming in February 2023 Storyline:

The comic animation series centers on Restoke, a 25-year-old animated red panda who works for a Japanese trading corporation and deals with the issues that young people encounter, both romantically and professionally. Restoke uses karaoke to relieve her stress and disappointments.

Restoke has dealt with a number of problems throughout the last four seasons, and she has always emerged stronger. Restoke received more attention in the first seasons than her coworkers, who each had their own distinct set of issues, did so in Season 4.

Restoke, a 25-year-old red panda in the accounting division of her company, is up for some political intrigue in the upcoming season. She frequently vents her unrelenting annoyance and despair at her work by belting out death metal at karaoke.

Love will also undoubtedly be in the air, of course! Without the ongoing relationship between Restoke and Haida, how can the series be considered complete? Since this is the season finale, let’s hope our lead actress will finally find peace and won’t have to belt out her annoyances any more.

The key emphasis of Aggretsuko revolves around the protagonist and her attempts to find happiness while juggling her life while dealing with a demanding boss and the stress of working long hours.

However, death metal karaoke, Netsuke’s secret hobby, provides one outlet for her irritation. Then, Restoke finds solace in a karaoke bar, where she uses heavy metal music to vent her rage.

Aggretsuko Japanese Season 3 Coming in February 2023 Trailer:

Although the official Aggretsuko Season 5 trailer has yet to be released, a brief teaser can already be seen on Netflix and YouTube. At the Tucum Japanese fan gathering, Netflix made the announcement.


The official season trailer was just made public by the game’s creators. The trailer is available to view below:

Aggretsuko Japanese Season 3 Coming in February 2023 Cast:

The characters in the cast, who elevate the series to a level that makes binge-watching worthwhile, are without a doubt its greatest strength. For the fans’ benefit, the majority of the original cast will repeat their roles in the upcoming season.

The cast members are listed below, along with the characters they voiced in both the English and Japanese dubs:

Regarding the characters, there are many more, such as Restoke (voiced by Kaolin), Director Ton (South Arai), Fennec (Rina Inoue), Haida (Shingo Kato), Director Gori (Maki Tsuruta), Ms. Sashimi (Komegumi Kawasaki), and Tsuda (Rina Inoue).

Restoke is voiced by Erica Mendez and Kaolin in Japanese (English)
Restoke in Extreme Metal Mode is voiced by Jamison Boaz and Reecho in Japanese (English)

Fennec is voiced by Katelyn Gault and Rina Inoue in Japanese (English)
Ben Disking and Shingo Kato provide the voices for Haida (English)
Gori is voiced by Miya Tsuruta and G.K. Bowes in Japanese (English)
Tara Platt and Komegumi Kawasaki provided the Japanese voices for Sashimi (English)

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