Alejandro Sanz and Raquel Perera sign divorce agreement


It transpired that finally Alejandro Sanz and Rachel Perera were able to conclude a satisfactory agreement of divorce.

The singer Alejandro Sanz and his ex wife Rachel Perera they were able to establish a good agreement to settle their separation after announcing the breakup of their marriage in 2019.

Social networks were the first witnesses of this news, which at the time provided the necessary support to Sanz and Perera.

Now, in 2020 the couple finally reach a good agreement to settle their divorce for both parties, according to their legal representatives.

So far, the Spanish singer's lawyers have not revealed details of the agreement that ended the Spanish's relationship with his former partner.

Alejandro Sanz and Rachel Perera They shared 8 years of their lives that resulted in two children, Dylan and Alma, the first was born when the couple had five years of relationship in 2011, later their second daughter would come, the fourth for Sanz in 2014.

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It is worth mentioning that the singer already had another daughter from his first marriage to the Mexican model Jaydi Michel in 2001, as well as a son, Alexander from his relationship with the Puerto Rican designer Valeria Rivera.

The wedding of Sanz and Perera It was held in 2012, on the estate of the singer in Jarandilla de la Vera Cáceres, southwestern Spain.

The couple met after Perera was the artist's personal assistant, both announced their separation in a joint message on social networks with a photo of them with their children, surrounded by bubbles and accompanied by this message:

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"We are a family and we always will be. We decided to love each other forever and it will be. The eternal has the complexity and the advantage of transforming the ways of loving each other in other directions, without destroying affection, loyalty and joint responsibility for our children. Our family is above anything ... it is diverse and beautiful, like life and it will remain that way. The world changes, so do we, always lovingly. "

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Shortly after Sanz He confirmed his relationship with Cuban artist Rachel Valdés, through his Instagram account.

Fortunately for both of them, it didn't take long for both of them to determine the best satisfactory settlement for both of them after they both filed for divorce.

Perera He filed the request in Madrid and the artist in Miami, an agreement that, according to what was announced, culminated last Tuesday. Likewise, the lawyers also asked for "respect" for the privacy of their clients.

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On the other hand, according to information provided by the medium La Voz de Galicia, who revealed some details of the happy agreement from which it appears that the singer Alejandro Sanz he would buy a house for his children.

As to Rachel Perera, you will receive an amount according to the standard of living to which you are accustomed

Finally, the clauses within the document would mainly benefit the children of the interpreter of "Corazón Partío", Dylan, 9, and Alma, 6, the most important thing for both the singer and the businesswoman.

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Also, the own Raquel She has shared a statement on her Instagram account in which she expresses through her lawyers, she and the singer were able to reach good terms, according to Europa Press, the couple will not see each other's faces in court.

Both were represented by their respective lawyers: Doña Mercedes Hernández Claverie (lawyer of Don Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro, artistically known as Alejandro Sanz) and Mr. Alfredo Gómez Mendizábal (lawyer for Doña Rachel Perera Navalon).

On the other hand, the legal confrontations that Sanz and his ex-wife maintained for a few months it would have ended after the singer could see his children again after confinement, which led him to conclude that "they were above any judicial war," as revealed by the medium itself.

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And it seems, Perera He would return to Madrid since he has transcended, he does not want his children to grow up far from their father, who apparently will be able to see them with total flexibility.

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