Aliens will attack us very soon, Anonymous reveals Area 51 secrets

The month of July is just beginning and more tragedies announce that they are coming, as the famous group of hackers Anonymous has made more controversial revelations, ensuring that the Earth will be attacked soon by aliens.

Anonymous hacker group continues to cause great controversy and suspense between us, because in his latest revelations he pointed out that the aliens will attack soon on our planet.

This according to an audio where the secrets of area 51In addition, a former employee of the area assures that everything that was rumored about that place is true and added that the government knows of the existence and even knows about the alleged aggression from aliens.

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Ok, what we believed to be aliens are extra-dimensional beings. They are not what they claim to be. They have infiltrated aspects of military territory, particularly Area 51. There are going to be disasters soon. The Government knows about them ... "

In the audio where the information was mentioned, Anonymous says safe places where people could be taken to guard against alleged attacksBut the authorities are doing nothing about it.

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The aliens would also search eliminate the most populated places on the planet, that is why hackers spread the plans of these beings.

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It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Anonymous points to area 51, but that group has also been accused by cyber bullying and fraud.

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It was only a few weeks ago that this famous group became trend on social networks, after revealing some really controversial things.

In the video you can hear a pretty nervous man talking about the issue, claiming that you have little time because they will locate the call.

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In this same audio, the former airfield worker confirms what many long speculated: that there are aliens in Area 51.

Great tragedies have happened since the beginning of this 2020 and people beg for why things improve, it only remains to hope that things are better and in truth this does not happen, because it would be something completely disastrous.

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