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After having deepened the connections between the various films taken by Stephen King, united as we have explained under the sign of The Black Tower, today we deepen another unofficial but existing cinematic universe, to be exact the one created by Quentin Tarantino, from the first Hyenas at the last Once upon a time in Hollywood

Even if one does not see, by the same admission of its creator, the interconnections between all things are there, and some are extraordinarily unexpected. The keen cinephiles and fans of Tarantino's work will surely know them, but we are sure that some of these connections will leave many others in awe. Here they are.

1. THE HYENA: the real name of Mr. Blonde (James Michael Madsen) is Vic Vega, brother of John Travolta's Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction.

2. PULP FICTION: The pilot in which Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) participates during the story has a structure practically identical to the story of Kill Bill.

3. I Big Kahuna Burger they appear in three of the nine films directed or written by Quentin Tarantino, to be exact Le Iene, in Pulp Fiction and From Sunset to Dawn.

4. BASTARDS WITHOUT GLORY: Sergeant Danny Donnowitz of the film is the father of Lee Donnowitz, a Hollywood producer protagonist of A life to the fullest, film written by Tarantino only but not directed.

5. The cigarettes Red Apple they appear both in Pulp Fiction and in Kill Bill, but also in From Dusk to Dawn and in Una vita al massimo.

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6. There is a nurse named Bonnie which exists in The Hyenas, in Pulp Fiction, in Grindhouse and also in Kill Bill.

7. KILL BILL. 2: The Bride emerges from a certain grave Paula Schultz, died in 1893. According to some, the woman could be the wife of Doctor Schultz of Django Unchained.

8. THE HYENAS: Mr. White says he had a girlfriend named Alabama, that is the same Alabama played by Patricia Arquette in One Life at the Most.

9. PULP FICTION: The name of Tarantino's character in the film is Jimmy Dimmick, which would basically be the brother of Mr. White from Le Iene, whose real name is Lawrence Dimmick.

10. The sheriff Earl McGraw di Michael Parks appears in several Tarantino films, which are From Dusk Till Dawn (the opening scene), Kill Bill Vol. 1 and in Grindhouse.


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