AMLOmetro: López Obrador approval fell 23 points in a month

At the beginning of the six-year term, López Obrador had high approval (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
At the beginning of the six-year term, López Obrador had high approval (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The approval of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador had a drastic drop in the last months after the health crisis due to the COVID-19, this is what the results of Enkoll, a research agency specialized in market, electoral and public opinion studies.

This day, the organization released the results of the AMLOmeter, a survey carried out from May 7 to 11 of this year, which gave negative results to the administration of the federal president.

In October 2018, when the López Obrador government just started, its approval level was 75% and for February 2019 reached 85%, that is, it increased 10 points in less than six months, reaching the highest level of approval from your government.

AMLOMETER 05-15-2020
AMLOMETER 05-15-2020

However, for November 2019 his score began to drop reaching 72%; in the month of February 2020 it decreased to 67% and for the month of May, it dropped dramatically to 44% approval, against 55% disapproval, and only 1% undefined.

In addition, 59% (of whom the majority are women) disapproved of the president's measures and decisions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Economy and COVID-19, the main problems of the country

Regarding the country's problems, the results indicate that the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the economy, poverty, and low wages, are the main issues of concern to the people.

AMLOMETER 05-15-2020
AMLOMETER 05-15-2020

While at the beginning of government the insecurity was placed as the biggest problem, from February to March this year it fell more than half, going from 52 points in October 2018 to 21 points in May this year, despite the fact that from November 2018 to February 2020 it ranged from 49 to 37 points.

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On the other hand, from February to May, COVID-19 concern went from 0 to 13 points, similar to the heading of the economy and low wages, which in a period of three months increased 14 points (from 12 to 26), despite the fact that at the beginning of the sexennium it was at one of the lowest levels of concern.

The lack of work It is an item that has remained stable, since from October 2018 to May this year it has oscillated between four and eight points.

As to insecurity, crime and organized crime rebounded from February to May from 11 to 55 points, being the point of most concern to citizens between assaults, home burglary, kidnappings, extortion, threats, femicides, and homicides.

AMLOMETER 05-15-2020
AMLOMETER 05-15-2020

Partisan Affinity

Regardless of voting preference, thinking about politics, the 36% of people indicated that they had no affinity for any political party, and only 28% of them had an affinity for Morena; followed by the PAN, with 13%; after the PRI, with 8% and, finally, the PRD with 3%.

And the 12% of the remaining respondents range from independent candidates, the parties Movimiento Ciudadano, México Libre and the Partido del Trabajo, or answered not knowing.

Historically, 33% reported having no affinity while 31% reported having it towards Morena.

AMLOMETER 05-15-2020
AMLOMETER 05-15-2020

Failing approval for AMLO

Both men and women showed a decrease in approval to the federal executive since he started his six-year term until May of this year.

The rating history was placed in May this year at 4.5 points, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest rating and 10 the highest, a loss of 50% of the rating compared to May last year with 7.0 points.

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To prepare this survey, the research agency carried out 5 thousand 746 effective interviews from May 7 to 11 of this year, conducted via Facebook and Instagram, to people over 18 years of age nationwide.

AMLOMETER 05-15-2020
AMLOMETER 05-15-2020


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