Amy Pascal advances the arrival of the Sinister Six to the cinema again


Image of the Six Sinister / Sinister Six

In one of the extras of the movie "Spider-Man: Away from Home" you get to comment on the topic of Spider-Man supervillains that we have already seen in the pair of Tom Holland movies as part of the UCM. Recall that he has adapted to the Vulture and Mystery and, supposedly, although without seeing him as a supervillain, we have also had the Scorpion. It is for all this that the producer Amy Pascal He ventures to comment on the video of the Sinister Six as a possible way to explore in the future.

These villains that we now have in our universe are characters that are in the Six Sinister, ”says Pascal. Something may happen with that.

At one point, Sony commissioned a script for a film of the Six Sinister ones to which it was showrunner of “Marvel’s Daredevil”, to Drew Goddard. A very independent writing to Spider-Man with which the studio was very impressed and was going to be released in cinemas in 2016. The project ended up being canceled, but to everyone's surprise, this past December Pascal assured that the project is still alive, just waiting for Goddard to direct the film.

It seems clear that with the villains that are being introduced in the Spidey films, plus the films about villains that Sony is developing in its own universe, a movement like making a movie of the Sinister Six does not surprise much.

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