Ana Bárbara and Chiquis Rivera delight with similar outfits


Singer Ana Barbara shared a photo next to Chiquis Rivera where they are wearing outfits where they coincide with some details, they both look really impressive! despite the difference in their figures.

How you remember Chiquis Rivera She is a curvy girl with great charms, both at the top and at the bottom, she is not very tall so her curves stand out even more, they always draw attention to where she varies and also in her photos or videos.

On the other hand, Ana Bárbara is much taller than Chiquis, her figure is slimmer and more stylized, she is not as voluptuous as her partner but still draws the attention of the gentlemen.

For a long time, both have participated in the program "I have talent, a lot of talent"Whenever they launch a new program, they wear quite striking outfits worthy of the celebrities they are, both are dedicated to music, also of the same genre, the well-known Mexican regional.

It seems that Chiquis Rivera and Ana Bárbara agreed with her with their suits, on the one hand Jenni Rivera's daughter wears what appears to be a black dress (the photo is not complete) also has a wide neck, transparent sleeves and on the part of the neck itself has some threads that cover its shoulders.

As for the singer of the song "Bandido", she is wearing three pieces of clothing: pants, an extremely tiny top as well as a short and a kind of jacket, but this is totally transparent, the top and pants seem to be made of leather and She also wears threads in her top similar to those of Chiquis Rivera but she does not behave in the front part of her outfit, another of the coincidences is that they decided to wear her hair down.

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If you want to see the photograph, click on the following LINK so you can enjoy the panorama.

My queen here in cheek on another day of adventures @tengotalentomuchotalento wrote the singer.

Ana Barbara She usually wears quite flirty outfits in her "I have a lot of talent" shows not only captivates with her beauty but also with her charisma and Personality.

The full name of the singer and songwriter as well as an actress, choreographer and Mexican producer, is Altagracia Ugalde Motta, however she is internationally known as Ana Bárbara, she is originally from Río Verde, San Luis Potosí, Mexico, currently she is 49 years old, the singer She maintains an exquisite figure, which is surely the envy of girls 20 years younger than her.

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She is also known as the "Queen Grupera", in addition to the Mexican regional she also sings pop and Andean music, she has three children Emiliano, José Manuel and Gerónimo all three are the light of her life, they are just as handsome as she, Ana Bárbara has He had several appearances in film and television, however, his appearances in the cinema have been only one, in terms of television they have been much more.

Ana Bárbara is one of the few artists who has main songs for some soap operas and movies, in total there are four and 3 for films respectively, you may recognize some.

  • I wanted to forget
  • A lost soul
  • Luck
  • I am the woman
  • Everything with you
  • Bandit
  • Two hugs
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Both Ana Bárbara and Chiquis Rivera consider themselves great friends, because they have shared a lot throughout the program, another great coincidence is that their character is similar and very easy to deal with, of course, as in everything there are certain differences, despite this they get along quite well and we can see this throughout the programs and publications on their social networks.

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