Ana Bárbara reveals the sad reasons that led her to leave her home


The interpreter of the song "La Trampa", Ana Barbara He had to make a difficult decision, which he would share with his fans.

In the middle of the pandemic, the famous singer had to leave her home with her family and move to a hotel for a few days.

The interpreter She never imagined that what she lived in her house would lead her to make this decision, however, she had to do it while some people were dealing with the problem of having termites inside your home.

After all the quarantine Accompanied by her three children, Emiliano, José María and Jerónimo as well as her fiance, Ángel Muñoz, the singer leaves her home while she gets rid of these annoying bugs.

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It was the singer herself who detailed her experience to her fans through social networks, through which she has been very active and even shared the news of her commitment.

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Through a YouTube video, the singer details that she and her family moved to a hotel that is five minutes from her home, which was also an experience that helped them create new and fun family memories.

It turns out that the house has a bug called a termite. And although I am in favor of not spraying so much, of not killing animals, in this case the termite is eating the wood and can cause an entire building to collapse, in addition to the fact that one of my children is allergic, "he said.


In the midst of the health emergency, the singer of 49 years had to hire a service fumigation after noticing the signs that a termite infestation surrounded their home.

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He even confesses that he had thought for a few moments of giving himself a few days alone without the aggravated "mom role", something that ensures" everyone wants "at least at some point, however, after their children put their suitcases in the truck, could not think about being away from their little ones.

"After more than 90 days of being with them day and night and he wanted to give me an angel for a few hours there alone, without that 'mom this, mom that', that's okay, we all want it, we all deserve it. In fact we were already totally determined when suddenly I come to the van to put my suitcase and look what I find, "said the 49-year-old artist while discovering the suitcase of her minor children and even the toy box ready for the holidays, something that ended up convincing the Potosina that it was not a good idea to leave without her little ones. "I just couldn't, she had her briefcase here, her flip-flops ...", she said moved ".

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During your stay at the hotel, the singer saw her little ones enjoying those days what seemed like a short vacation but without leaving the city, besides the fact that the place was "practically empty", he pointed.

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His children confessed it to him

Likewise, Jose Maria and Jerome they couldn't take it anymore and confessed their plan to the singer, knowing that she has a "very easy heart to convince" they revealed their plans:

I had everything prepared ”, the little boy confessed to his mother, to the surprise of the interpreter. "Jero arrives and says: 'no, we're not going anymore ... shall we put everything in the truck?'", Thus confessing his mischief. Ana Bárbara only had to 'punish' the little boy before his revelation and took him straight to the pool and threw him in a very funny way.

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