Anastasia Kvitko transparent yarn wows fans!

The model whom many of his admirers know as "La Kim Kardashian Rusa"Anastasia Kvitko shared a photo in which she appears showing off her enormous charms and voluptuous curves while wearing a two-piece swimsuit that looks like sheer yarn.

The tiny Swimwear of the beautiful Russian model is yellow, as in other photographs she has shared on her official Instagram account where she has more than 12 million followers who are more than delighted with the constant content she shares on the application.

Such was the case of these pieces with which he captivated everyone who saw the photo, it appears Anastasia Kvitko posing head-on, sitting on her slightly spread legs, so that the huge charms From the young Internet and Instagram celebrity to stand out, he chose to bring his arms together a little, making this part of his body contract a little more and at the same time look much more.


You cannot identify the place where the 26-year-old model and businesswoman is, the only thing that can be distinguished are some buildings behind her that could well be part of a hotel or condominiums, but without a doubt she is enjoying of a delicious sun.

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Always accompanied by her accessories Anastasia Kvitko is wearing a bracelet and a watch as well as sunglasses, however the most interesting thing about her outfit has undoubtedly been her swimsuit.

This, as already mentioned, is in two pieces, the fabric that covers both its upper and lower parts is yellow but the threads with which they are held seem to be transparent.

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Surely her fans when paying attention to the photograph noticed immediately, especially since the image in which the model appears is relatively close, until today it has 316 thousand 197 "Likes" by its millions of followers around the world and 4,980 comments from his fans.

Being an ambassador of a major clothing brand that apparently sales of the same are online, the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko continuously promotes with her figure and the clothing said brand, the Russian model is not the only personality who promotes this brand in the world of show business.



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