Andrea Bocelli reveals he donated plasma after catching himself and his family

The singer Andrea Bocelli revealed that the virus covid-19 He reached out to him and his family who were infected last March, so after this he decided to help other people.

The renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli gave positive to coronavirus, who also came to infect his family for what he later said donated plasma, and thus being able to help other patients with coronavirus, he commented.

Fortunately, the singer He shared, the symptoms they presented were not serious.

The artist, he was approached on his way out of the Cisanello hospital in Pisa, which he went to donate the plasma together with his wife.

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In the same way he pointed out, it was a asymptomatic patient, because he only had some fever:

Honestly, when I found out I had it, I jumped into the pool because it was fine.

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It should be mentioned that the hospital appreciated the action of the singer Italian through a statement in which they expressed that thanks to their contribution, this will help the study "tsunami", Which is an Italian experiment that will assess the effectiveness of plasma immunity of patients who have defeated the coronavirus.

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On the other hand, the artist Although he was glad that the symptoms in his family were mild, he felt sad to know that everyone was infected and that his condition could worsen at some point.

It was terrible, my whole family was contaminated. We all had a fever, although luckily it was not high, with sneezing and coughing, I had to cancel many concerts, it was like living a nightmare because I felt that I was no longer in control of things, "they report that he explained.

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Similarly, this was compounded by their dismay as much of Italy, was seriously impacted by the contingency, for the opera performer it is incredible to think that an infection from the same family of the flu "I can bring the whole world to its knees."

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Without a doubt, one of the positive aspects is that both the artist as his family joined the statistics of those who fought this evil and now he has even put his "grain of sand" to fight this dangerous enemy.

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It should be mentioned that the tenor He recently gave a moving presentation from an empty Cathedral in Milan on April 12, which was seen by a large number of people from their homes.


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