Angie Taddei and Sergio O´Farril, give free rein to love, confirm relationship rumors

It transpired that after the couple made up of Angie Taddei and Sergio O’Farril They had kept their relationship out of focus on the cameras since late last year, today they decided to confirm the rumors.

The member of the group Jeans and the member of the grouping of Kabah, they decided to unleash their feelings and confirmed that they are together after several rumors that the related sentimentally since the end of last year.

It is worth mentioning that at the time when both began their relationship they were married to other couples, however at the time of sharing the tour with the singer of KabahHe had also separated from his wife, and "finally they both decided to start a relationship," he said. Angie.

Cupid accidentally flew them to fate during the 90 Pop’s Tour.

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It is worth mentioning that the chemistry and attraction that existed between the two was no secret to anyone since during the delivery of the first Spotify Awards 2020 made in the National Auditorium In February, both went together, hinting that something else existed between them, however at that time they did not want to confirm it.

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The announcement would come later, after an Insta live where Anggie she confessed to her friend Federica Quijano that she was extremely in love.

I fell in love with Sergio long before I realized that I was in love with him ”, confessed between drinks the singer, who also divorced last year. He explained how it came to his heart and covered all his expectations as a man.

Also, the singer of Jeans and now the host of fashion shows, she explained how they started their relationship, which was under the inspiring climate on the beaches of Mazatlán in Sinaloa.

It was on a beach in Mazatlán where Sergio and I connected, the sea, nature, that is, I think what connected us was nature. "

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Own Taddei, who is very happy and surprised as she points out, never imagined that Cupid would shoot her so fast, both were on the beach and everything happened after a Dinner Among friends, in the end each one went home and the very kind one took her to his.

I was recently divorced and in that inter I went to a friend's house and that's where we gave ourselves the first kiss and the kiss was what triggered the whole mess, "revealed the blonde.

The member of the remembered group Jeans she points out that she was the first to take the step and in the heat of the cups the rest happened.

I think that I declared myself and if it is him and me against the world because we are in that place, "he said in the heat of a few drinks and at that moment Sergio approached her and gave her a tremendous kiss, where they confirmed that they are living together this quarantine.

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On the other hand, he commented that how difficult these days have been for all of us in which we must stay sheltered and trying to be fine with what little we have, more than anything thanking us for being fine.

Within all the uncertainty and nerve for what is happening, we can only take care of ourselves and learn. But above all, thank and enjoy how lucky we are to have family, friends, work at our side. Put our mind on the positive. Concentrate on doing our best, everything will be fine as long as we do our part. "

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For this reason, it invites all people to remain attached to the recommendations and stay except.

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A video shared by Ventaneando confirmed all the rumors about the relationship.

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