Another Self Turkish Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer Release and Everything You Need to Know

Another Self Turkish Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Trailer Release and Everything You Need to Know

“Another Self,” a Turkish Netflix original series, will returning for a second season four months after the first season’s launch. Several viewers sobbed during the July 28 launch of a romance series on Netflix.

But the great news doesn’t end there. Along with a second season, the show has been extended for a third. Yeah, “Other Self” has been given a second and third season order, and Netflix Turkey has approved the production. The author, Nuraan Even Sit, also reaffirmed the details.

Another Self Turkish Season 2 Release Date:

The next TV series will once more consist of 8 episodes. As soon as they are made available online, Netflix will have them. The first episode airs on Thursday, July 27, 2023. The episodes shown in this table are more in-depth:

Season 2 is expected to premiere in 2023 if it is allowed, but neither the actors nor the show’s producers have made any comments about it.

This eight-episode Netflix original may receive a second season’s order from the streaming service. But only if the story of the first season doesn’t end.

The series’ creator and broadcasting network have not yet revealed the premiere date for the second season. According to the show’s makers and the network that airs it, a Season 2 is not yet available.

Given the prevalence of Turkish culture in Netflix, one feels pretty validated about the possibility of rejuvenating oneself. The show’s creators and the studio have not yet made any announcements on the show’s renewal or the confirmation of a second season.

Despite the lack of a release date or timeline for Another self season 2, based just on storyline and pacing of the first season, we may still expect the show to have more seasons.

As the Crow Species was produced by well-known Turkish director Kreme Ate. Its eight episodes each have a running time of about 50 minutes.

The two major protagonists of the show are Ashli, a young woman who wants to grow in her career but is unable to put in the required work, and Lael, a seasoned and idealistic newsreader.

Another Self Turkish Season 2  Storyline:

Another Self is a Turkish love story that follows the path of three friends as they visit Avail and learn how to move past their past traumas to live better lives.

The first season of Another Self debuted last month. Given everything, it might take some time first before show is picked for a second season.

The fact that the creators haven’t mentioned the limited series should be emphasized. Thus, a second episode is undoubtedly planned. The builders haven’t yet renewed it, but they ought to do so shortly.

It is currently known that season 2 would continue where the first one did. In Season 1, we saw the friendship between the three good friends begin to grow.

Sengi is a surgeon, Leyla is a lawyer, and Ada is both. When Sengi is given a cancer diagnosis, their friendship, which has lasted since college, is put to the test. The other two try to find a way to save their best friend.

If the show is brought back for another season, the audience expects that the relationship of the trio would face a lot more challenges. Suppose if new characters are added by the show’s makers to give it a fresh angle. In that case, it is also anticipated that the answer will improve.

In the eight-part Turkish television series Another Self, three women named Ada, Sengi, and visit a beachside village to meet a supposed guru in the hopes that Sengi’s cancer may be cured by his revolutionary healing methods.

They learn more about each other and themselves while there. They learn fresh methods to handle their relationships and past traumas and realize that there are other means of healing besides using medical technology.

A pleasant blip in the streaming universe is Another Self. It’s a startling upbeat and happy drama with themes of openness and understanding.

Another Self Turkish Season 2 Trailer:

The earlier incident surely caused a lot of controversy and discussion on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Due to the increase in audience, the same relevant issues will be covered in the upcoming season.

While the creators haven’t yet made an official announcement, can a trailer for Yet another Selves and season 2 be found? If the second episode is renewed, the series trailer will be made available before the premiere.

We understand that waiting can be difficult, but we are not able to estimate how it will take. Up till then, view the first season’s trailer on YouTube.


Another Self, a Netflix original series, has yet to be announced for a second season. It’s tough to anticipate the sequel trailer because Another Self season 2 is still not confirmed and filming hasn’t yet started.

If the series’ follow-up premieres at the end of 2023, the season 2 trailer will be made available in the later months of that year. since the season 1 teaser for Another Self was released 10 days before the show’s debut.

Another Self Turkish Season 2 Cast:

Thanks to Netflix, the reputable Turkish romance drama series Another Self has been doing well. Although the writers of the series have not yet officially announced a season 2, some of the original cast may return, thus we are unaware of what new characters we might see.

Fiat Tanis as Zara, Seda Balkan as Leyla, Tuba Buyukustun as Ade, Bonsu Yilmaz as Sengi, Murat Boz as Toorak, and numerous others are among the show’s cast members.

The supporting characters of Zaman, Doctor Hakam, and Genk Begin were played by Fiat Tanis, Ali Baha’i Bihar, and Mehta Demirep, respectively.

Serkan Altunorak, Riza Kocaoglu, Kemal Boll, Fusan Demirep, and Ummu Kurt all performed supporting roles. If the show is extended for a season 2, which has yet to be confirmed, everyone from the first period will return in the same roles.

In the series, a group of friends decide to go on a life-changing adventure together. Tuba Buyukustun portrays Elusive, who plays Ada in the tv show Black Money Love. She is joined by Taha Balkan as Leyla & Bonsu Yilmaz as Sengi.

Ada, one of the couple’s three closest friends, is a skilled surgeon, while Sengi serves as their legal counsel. Leyla, who is jobless, manages to maintain a healthy balance in her relationships.

In the film Another Self, Serkan Altunorak portrays Selim, Seda Balkan plays Leyla, Tuba Buyukustun plays Ada, Bonsu Yilmaz portrays Sengi, Fiat Tanis plays Zia, Mehmet Ayvar’s Kaya plays Sarpy, and Mural Boz plays Toorak.

Paul Galliano, Gocke Seer, Onus Soya Pelican, Ilya Su, Fusin Demirep as Mako, Riza Kocaoglu as Ferret, Ummu Kurt as Eidem, Mehta Demirep as Genk Belgian, and Kara are some of the other actors who appear in this photo. Alayna Zaabi, Leif Kurtuaran, Leif Hill Yelchin, Selene Seen, Idol Sivritepe, and Suraya Kilims are among the many persons present. The whole season 1 cast is expected to return for season 2.

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