Aracely Arámbula paid high cost for being with Luis Miguel

One of the stages that generate so much controversy about the singer Luis Miguel, was his relationship with the actress Aracely Arambula, subject of which today would supposedly address a video that circulates on social networks.

Since the beginning of the relationship between the famous couple of artists, Luis Miguel Y Aracely Arambula endless rumors and speculations were created, particularly after the break between the two.

However, a video circulating on YouTube would reveal more intimate details of what could really have happened with one of the most controversial couples made up of two of the most recognized figures in Mexico,

"The fairy tale with no happy ending"

According to a video that circulates on social networks, it exposes what was the true relationship between the "Sol"and Aracely Arámbula, which he says was stormy from the beginning, later, the singer's personality would be accentuated even more and"La Chule"I would try to overlook various situations in order to have the perfect family, as he describes.

A summary based on said information would portray, "Infidelities", "humiliations", "confrontations", "parties", "detachment" and in the end, "legal battles" that would end up destroying the dream relationship that the "television actress" had. would have formed at some point with the "idol of music".

The worst was already brewing from the beginning, according to the version released by "MQT videos" after revealing that Luis Miguel had been with several women since before the arrival of his children, and apparently it would be the histrionic who in some moment he would pay him with the same coin.

As the publication points out, it is no secret to anyone that the interpreter of "The unconditional"He has had endless conquests, and it was Aracely Arámbula who was able to corroborate the reason that Luis Miguel has not stayed long with a single woman.

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What happened?

It was in the course of the arrival of their two children, that everything would begin to fall apart, something that happened would completely transform the couple, after the arrival of their first child, the rumors of separation sounded louder.

According to sources close to the couple, two months after their courtship, Aracely Arámbula discovered the infidelity of her beau, it would be a beautiful model who was the third in disagreement, says the recording.

Apparently the "soap opera star"She would forgive her son's father for his slip, however, later she would do the same, nothing more and nothing less than with the Spanish singer Naim Tomás, whom she supposedly met at a party in Miami.

Various media, brought to light the supposed meeting of the interpreter of "The Doña"With the former member of" Operation Triumph. "Younger and more handsome than the" Puerto Rican "himself.

Apparently, Luis Miguel evaded the versions and continued with the actress, however, upon hearing the news of the artist's pregnancy, doubts remained in his head and it was until Daniel's birth that "Micky" underwent a test of fatherhood without consulting Arámbula, to see if it was his son.

After having to accept the result, the new family staged various photo sessions, and that was when the idea of ​​the contract came up, despite the fact that "the mexican divo"He had already given Aracely a ring, he would tell her that he would not marry her.

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On the other hand, the video indicates that the singer was willing to pay 50,000 dollars a month to his girlfriend for each child they had, since apparently both were thinking of having 3 children, however, said contract was never signed, they say, it was plus a mutual agreement between the two even though this turned out to be more humiliating for her.

Thus began the sounded romance

According to the records, Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula began their relationship in 2005 when both were caught hand in hand on the streets of Venice, it was from that moment that both were completely haunted by rumors until the end of their relationship.

However, in the midst of various ups and downs, fights, reconciliations and even, there is even talk of a contract that put love in writing. The first months, everything was honey on flakes, both appeared very happy and captured in yachts and surrounded by luxury.

Both traveled a lot and on several occasions they did so accompanied by their respective families, which gave a sign that their relationship was going seriously.

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After a year of relationship, they announced that their first-born, Miguel, the artist's first recognized son, would arrive into the world, and two years later they welcomed Daniel. After their separation, Aracely, filed a lawsuit against the Mexican artist for the maintenance of his two children, despite this, the artist himself has remained distant from his offspring,


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