Asher, the review of the film with Ron Perlman on Prime Video

Asher is a hired hitman who has spent most of his life killing. Man lives in complete solitude and has never cared about his private sphere, which is difficult to reconcile with his "dirty work".
When Avi, the one who provides him with the tasks and with whom a relationship of mutual trust has been in place for a long time, assigns him a new mission related to the elimination of three objectives belonging to a rival gang, things take an unexpected turn.
While he is preparing to carry out his first murder, Asher is in fact the victim of a faint and that's how he meets the beautiful Sophie, a dance teacher, who forcefully enters his thoughts.

Time to kill

There are few right faces for certain genres like that of Ron Perlman, whose boxy features they allow him to adhere perfectly to often ambiguous and tormented figures.
Most often used as a character actor or guest star, the American actor is absolute here star of the action-thriller directed by Michael Caton-Jones, where he plays the role of a killer in search of redemption.
Available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, Asher is a classic b-movie that refers to a typical canvas of the vein, with the beauty to be saved - a Famke Janssen of great charm - and the nest of traitors to be found before the foreseeable ending.

A sense of familiarity

We are faced with a reassuring operation in its archetypal evolution, partially reinvigorated on the dramatic side by the introduction of the discourse on senile dementia that afflicts Sophie's mother, an intense Jacqueline Bisset.
The various implications are easily understood in advance and the action dynamics are far from the often excessive frenzy of modern productions.
The implementation of the various executions, whether at a distance using a sniper rifle or with bare hands, is sober and reasoned and the method for exposing future victims has a pleasantly ironic verve.

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Caton-Jones, author of notable films such as the epic Rob Roy (1995) but also of sensational flops such as Basic Instinct 2 (2006), he directs here without excess and realizes a pleasant and smooth homework, capable of involving without too much difficulty its target audience.

Asher convinces precisely in its simplicity of use, with an almost contemplative writing work that makes the characters more nuanced than expected, in a placid and accommodating pseudo-noir perspective, not burdened by excessive ambitions.

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